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  1. Taylee Summer

    Old news that Jeffree unfollowed her!! CLICKBAIT! Unsubscribing

  2. Trina Trillana

    Huda: soldout!
    Tati: soldout!
    JS and SD: i think we under ordered!
    James: …

  3. Trina Trillana

    There is competition in a sense that SOME people on a budget would be able to get only 1 palette from the 2. but I know it would both sold out with restocks after a month or 2. Evrything will end great for both. I don't think Tati is shading Jeffree though, she is talking in general.

  4. ASMR Heather

    Tati is the only pallet I will buy from a YouTuber ,, omg I can’t wait to get mine

  5. spritedrin

    I always felt like Tati is super over sensitive

  6. nakamoto yukkuri

    Well Tati stabbed James in the back so I don't know what she's talking about

  7. CindyCynnn

    I noticed a long time ago that Tati took off JS off her background months ago. I had a feeling things changed between them

  8. lizainuk

    I hope they are not feuding. I personally think Shane & Jeffree gave enough spotlight for Tati. Shane could have released an episode for same week and outshined her launch. Also Tati & Jeffree has different demographic and both run in their own lane.

  9. Desiree Milam

    Um….. It was James that stabbed her in the back not jeffree let's get real here!

  10. LatinaPRINCESA Rodriquez

    Sorry I rather support the jeffree X Shane pallet that an beautiful pallet congratulations shane n jeffree

  11. angelcomapurdy13

    Conspiracy Theory: Some of us are living in a Mandela Effect where Tati is a popular Beauty Blogger while others don't even know her name unless it's associated with drama.

  12. Elijah Barongan

    So damn y'all just used my tweet without consent huh. Okay.

  13. Jes Pla

    As if Jeffrey is threatened by Tati basic make up

  14. Da Moley

    I Hope the Jeffrey Collab flops

  15. Brandon Walker

    Cba with Tati anymore

  16. Isabel

    Tati & Scoot Barnes making a collaboration together is perfect because they both cater to a different audience than Jeffree… & Tati & Barnes have the same toned down neutrals with some glam added color preference…But who really knows what happened with these two if anything… it’s just too bad

  17. selz001

    Wow reaching much…

  18. Kim Brown

    I can’t believe poor people give these rich buttholes their money, like these expensive palettes are really so much better than reasonably priced ones, shows the truth to the statement a fool and their money will soon be parted.

  19. Katelynn Murphy

    Y'all. Jeffree Star is the Taylor Swift of friends. Even if it hasn't always been his fault you attract what you put out.

  20. Emilee Schlifke

    I want Tati's soo bad. It looks so perfect for everyday girls. I swear. I want Shane's too cuz it looks so amazing as well! And the stories behind both palletes are speacial. Love them both!Ugh my bank account!

  21. Rachel Maria

    Was going to buy the conspiracy palette but I love tati more and am sick of him causing petty drama

  22. Luna -

    Tatis palette look so boring

  23. Siddy Freeman Norris

    That’s not shade?? I think it was smart to unfollow! Look at all the attention it’s gotten! Jeffree had Tatis back when it mattered. There’s no competition. Different styles/demographic. I’d never chose one over the other. Shane speaks highly of Tati.

  24. Barbi Love

    Scott Barnes is toooo butch. Does he take hormones / steroids?

  25. Barbi Love

    Why is this "reporter" such a dingbat?

  26. ZiZi YAA

    Awww Tatis has Glitter…….😘

  27. modesta malamitsi

    I am a huge fan of both of them.. tati said she sold 100 000 palettes..if you do the math she made 4.8 millions….only the morphe agreement is 20 million… where is the competition???lets say that everyone that bought her pallet doesnt buy jeffree's..do you still think he is not going to sell out?? Why should we care if they are friends or not?i would love them to be friends because they create good content together but if they are not is because they are HUMAN BEINGS and its NONE of our business

  28. Grace Lol

    I haven’t seen yessica report in ages where’s she gone??

  29. KRYS S.Philly

    Jefree star is a nasty ass person but because he is rich his viewers make excuses for everything he does

  30. Love V

    I like Tati but that's about it. Tati makeup is blah.

  31. Mar Teumar

    Two snakes.. what would you expect?? 🤣

  32. Daniela

    This is freaking old. There is not shade! Jeffree splits the tea on people’s face! Not on clues, neither does Tati! They are just direct competition right now.

  33. djelixxx

    To be honest I am much more hyped for Shane’s palette and I am not really interested in other ones. I mean they stepped up the game with that shade range and it’s way more original then other mentioned. Idk about u but imma get that shit asap.

  34. brunom72

    lol, i seriously doubt that TW and JS would unfollow each-other cuz they don't like one another. they both seem much too busy running multi M-$ empires & managing lucrative business deals. besides, once you reach JS's & TW's level of access, this type of drama seems reductive.

  35. Rey Evans

    Don’t forget that Tati has always supported every launch that Jeffree had. If he can’t support even her ONE launch, we all know what kind of person he is

  36. JesusAlejandroCelis

    Not to belittle Tati, but literally she became irrelevant to me after her scandal with James, I still think she’s amazing and talented, but just never found interest in her anymore. Shane & Jeffree’s Palette is literally going to be a huge launch so I don’t see why there’d be something to worry about. Like Jeffree knows how good this launch is going to be & that’s on period.

  37. Asian PrincesS_Amy


  38. Janesy Argueta

    Let be honest…

    comment if you’re buying Jeffree and Shane‘s palette🐽🐷

    Like for Tatie’s palette ✨

    And reply for James’s palette🌈

    I am all Jeffree and Shane’s pallet🥰🤩

  39. Buzzkill Roza

    Every single time Jeffrey messes up he apologizes and swears he'll never do such thing again because he's not that person anymore. Well, we all know he'll never change.

  40. Justforfarms Farms

    I think its just buissness. We all know both jeffree and tati are mature enough to save appearences and lead "the feud" behind the scenes. And tati isn't that picture perfect of innocence nor jeffree. Maybe just maybe, the ep 7 and 8 might be with hints of the huge drama that was between jc and tati and both shane and jeffree knows its going to get messy enough to not dragg or be dragged again. Just a theory 😇

  41. Makeup Over 60 ~ and Loving It!

    Do you not think for a moment it could just be to call attention to both of them who are both coincidentally launching palettes a week apart from each other? Sounds pretty possible to me.

  42. Lela Psic

    I dont care about other palettes, I WANT ONLY SHANES. BYE.

  43. Nidhi K

    I don't think there's any bad blood between them. It has been speculated so many times only to be proven wrong. It's just business and being professional

  44. your bud

    "IpHOnE ApP" okay, jeffree!😽

  45. Nerf Spirit

    Stop creating drama and stupid conspiracy. Both Shane X Jeffree and Tati will be sold out. They have different fan base anyway. I personally will buy both haha

  46. Nick Escavor

    You’re late to the game gurl

  47. brookies cartoons

    How about we all just be happy?

  48. kaylee Rouse

    I hope tati knows no one shades the queen jeffree star

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