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  1. Nataliexx Nataliexx

    That's why we need technology .

  2. Bobby Forker

    I'm from Northern ireland and I was there for holiday and was right at that place

  3. SandboxArrow

    Scotland Forever!

  4. cassieopeia

    unrelated but that place in edinburgh is so much fun and really cool. plus you can see over so much of the city!

  5. Terrell.

    Why not use these thermal cameras everywhere?

    For example like how when your in elementary school they take you to the van to do hearing checks, they could do this too

  6. A YouTube Guy

    guaranteed people farted to see what happens lol 😂

  7. Rasha

    My home town and a place i visit. At least they tried to pronounce it

  8. FBI

    It looks like her heart tho

  9. DuaAsif Arts

    Woah… Shocking…

  10. Harry Haythornthwaite

    That’s not how you Edinburgh

  11. josie jacobsonnn

    that’s actually so sad

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