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  1. Nur Diana Richard

    Lakers i have a groin injury ( tinyurl.com/y39oem54 ) but what hurts the most is when i but a ball between my knees and then squeeze it any tips on how i can recover?

  2. Messiah Mews

    I have soft tissue ridges, and my NCR doctor said they weren't the bony ridges.  She likes to tease me about them.  After all, it's a rugged territory on my head.

    Are you a practitioner, as well?  Or just a very satisfied patient?

  3. Sigrid Sandra Bryant

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  4. iTzBananTid x

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  5. Igor Zelenich

    Hello! I'm Emily.I did -20 lbs past two weeks.More here hddiet.gs#SPbp

  6. jakeyd1234

    Okay thanks craig i have minor scoliosis so i dont think i will need to do it but my girlfriend feels like her curve is way more severe. Thank you so much for this information

  7. Craig Brockie

    Hi Jake. I can't say for sure. I suggest contacting one of the doctors at ncrdoctorsdotcom

  8. jakeyd1234

    Really that is amazing! How many treatments will you need to take before seeing any results and is it safe? one of my legs is shorter than the other and that has curved my spine.

  9. Craig Brockie

    About $1,000 for a series of four treatments over four days. Affordable by conventional medicine standards, however since it's not covered by health insurance, expensive for some. It's worth every penny if you can afford it though.

  10. jakeyd1234

    Hi craig I am just curious how much something like ncr would cost if you could please reply i would really appreciate it

  11. Djep1taph

    This is a horribly produced video.

  12. ImpliedOdds

    I think I'm a hunchback! Craig I need some NCR!

  13. frosted1030

    I looked at the "before and after" page on this. Apparently NCR changes your hair and skin tone, makes you appear less fuzzy in pictures, gets rid of zits and costs $1000 for 2 pictures, the after picture you smile in. This is psudo-science. Talk to your doc. I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 14 in school. Went to a real doctor, the doctor said I was fine. Nearly 40 now, never had any back problems, some people just don't know what they are doing. I also do yoga.

  14. jane HIGHWATER

    Not worth watching

  15. RaKalid

    why does this video have so many dislikes?

  16. Scriobh

    Ummmm the plates in your skull fuse solid when you're an infant. The skull is not dynamic in any way – it's a fused mass of bone. Otherwise all we'd find during excavations is the components of a skull and not whole skulls.

  17. Luke Brody

    @CraigBrockie So is Trudeau who has made millions from selling books offering empty promises and cures that can't be backed up. Isn't he still in jail?

  18. CrazyMofos

    I have a terrible Neck Pain that's been hurting for a while now. What do I do? Please Help. @CraigBrockie

  19. Craig Brockie

    @MaxKirk21 Drugs and surgery are cash cows.

  20. kanayumikumo

    pretty good for a layman. but lets get the facts straight, its about meat, not bone. bone does not move by itself so its the meat that you should pay attention to.

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