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  1. Alanna Brown

    Your voice is so soothing! I love listening before bed

  2. gxtmfa

    There are some studies about intermittent fasting resetting hunger hormone levels to a lower basal rate. So if you go a few days of only eating once a day, it apparently gets easier and easier.

  3. Vivi L

    Honestly not eating is also not good, it's about restoring natural signals to eat and not eat. We don't give enough credit to our bodies because a lot of us in the Western world have been leash trained by food scientists making our favorite snacks 😂

  4. Katie bitch xo Xo

    I’m only like 100 pounds but I eat a lot of food ! Guess I’m lucky but it’s starting to catch up with me now I’m older

  5. Alix J.

    I eat oatmeal all the time bc its the easiest to make and is usually the only food i have

  6. Aki Alchemicae

    As someone with severe insomnia since I was a child, I noticed that I'm way more hungry if I don't get enough sleep. I know, sleeping the whole day is not a healthy diet, but I think it's sooo important to try to have a sleeping scedule that gets you enough rest, if you want to get to or keep a healthy weight (myself: 25, 5'11", 155lbs)

  7. diana

    I ate a watermelon and a small tuna sandwich

  8. Name

    Breakfast: coffee (with milk)
    Lunch: rice and chicken
    Snack: a plum or whatever fruit
    Dinner: differs each day. Usually fairly healthy

    Skinny people do get hungry it’s just that we can easily ignore it. Or we just need a small snack to get over it

  9. Kaiah Smith

    Woah I barely eat anything, but I’m skinny and healthy so I guess it’s just my appetite

  10. Queen of Kecleons

    I'm slightly below a 21 BMI and most of my food is made up of fat and protein. Keeps me satiated for a long time and I don't get hungry between meals.

  11. Lara

    Healthy version of the best, easiest and fastest dessert/breakfast (aka my fav childhood snack):
    Greek yogurt
    Those little oranges in a can (sweetened or not, fresh strawberries or pineapple, whatever fruit you desire)
    Honey or any sweetener

    It's a mix and match recipe, you can use as much of any ingredient you like, and adapt the portion to, for example, a breakfast with maybe 200g Greek yogurt, but for dessert you just use 100g or something. Can top it with nuts or granola or whatever comes to your mind lol

  12. Coco Mon

    I wouldn’t call myself that thin but I have had a friend notice my eating habits and asked how when I woke up I wasn’t hungry and wouldn’t eat bc she can’t function without eating first thing I’ve never been a breakfast person and will probably eat at 1-2 pm bc I know I should but I will just forget and some days can last till 4-6 pm without a meal

  13. RestoredLife

    I used to eat out of boredom and gained 13 kg's. So I just started doing what I used to do. Eat only when I'm hungry. It turned out to be twice a day.
    Immediately started losing weight and getting close to my target weight which is 60 kg. I'm 173 and went down from 73 to 69 within a month.
    That's pretty much it. Cut out the snacks, soda was never my thing. Coffee or tea for breakfast (since I don't feel hunger for hours after I wake up. Sometimes 3-4 hours untill I start feeling hungry) and when I do eat, I stop the moment I feel full.
    And it works for me.

  14. E Newby

    6 years ago

  15. 9intheaftern00n100

    Binged as I watched this. I'm condemned to die a useless fat person.

  16. abby tomson

    i usually forget to eat breakfast, so i’ll have like a small meal before i go to work in the afternoon and then either eat a big dinner or just not eat the rest of the day except for a snack around 9-10. if i’m in a depressive episode, i don’t eat at all, maybe a snack before work so i don’t die of hunger with my kids from camp (don’t eat like me! bad idea!!!!!!)

  17. Coolcat Coco

    Lol my diets so bad, I’m surprised I have a normal BMI
    Breakfast: nothing cause I wake up late
    Lunch: hot pocket and 2 servings of ice cream
    Snack: Nutella sandwich
    Dinner: rice chicken squash and salad
    Another snack: cereal
    Late night snack: another Nutella sandwich

  18. seovjeon

    breakfast: light, usually eggs or a small quesadilla (hispanic mom makes me eat breakfast, but I'm not very hungry when I wake up)
    snack: a fruit, or gelatin
    lunch: usually chicken with beans
    snack: a popsicle or ice cream cone whenever I feel like it
    dinner: a glass of water
    (also, I dance everyday at home, then workout for abt 15 mins intense cardio)

  19. Mitters

    A lot of these people are intermittent fasting… That's about it.

  20. unicorn sprinkles

    I think asking skinny people what they ate that day was a little bit pointless considering people's eating habits change from day-to-day and that could have been one of their larger days as far as meals go. They should have asked what a typical breakfast, lunch and dinner looks like for them on an average day

  21. unicorn sprinkles

    sorry but nobody throws any part of a Publix sub away. If we get full, we wrap it up and put it in the fridge until we are hungry again.

  22. Mercedes Fp

    I eat 4 meals a day, the thing that matters is what you eat and the size of it, you can feel full, eat tasty and healthy, most people just need to change habits and their approach and assumption of healthy food

  23. Riza Mayl

    I always eat rice. Small portion, 3 to 4 times a day. if i just stay at home, it took me twenty minutes to eat it all. Because i cant seem to sit still, i always walk around the house and even I try to just sit until my meal finished, I unconsciously get up and start walking around the house.

  24. S W

    I'm not skinny, about 165lbs, so not terribly overweight either and only slightly so, by about 15 to 20 lbs for my height (5'7").The past few years i've had varying relationships with food. The heaviest i've been is 210 lbs (relatively, I didn't do an official weigh in until about 6 weeks after i committed to some life changes so I'm guestimating). Used to eat like 3000 cals a day, fast food all the time, ice cream, the works. Eat at all hours of the day. I have worked with many different dieting styles, first it was controlling how often I ate and how late as well as eating rice and chicken and vegetables instead of going out for Wendy's. Making replacements for my meals. Later on, I would incorporate caloric deficits, intermittent fasting, fad diets, everything i could think of. These days I try not to think to hard about food. I eat when I'm hungry and have learned to discern hunger from boredom. though I don't let myself eat past 8 or so. I indulge in a small portion of ice cream every now and then. I allow myself a bowl of cereal. I try to eat high protein, high fat, low carb, though i don't ignore cravings like the plague. I stay active. I feel comfortable with how I currently live and eat. I'd like to reach a healthier weight but I'm not going to push myself too hard to get there. I've experienced things like hot flashes, vertigo, late periods when i deprive myself of proper food and rest. I think taking care of yourself can apply to both extremes of the spectrum of weight-related health, obesity and malnourishment. There is no need to overdo it. There is challenge that must be embraced, because nothing ever worth achieving is easy, but there is such a thing as trying too hard when it comes to your health.

  25. Lady - Chim Chim

    A large portion of my meals consists of fruit and I don't drink my calories
    (black ice coffee, no sugar or honey in my tea and water) along with an hour of k-cardio danceing everyday.

  26. helen slowly rots

    My brother was so scrawny in High School and he would eat so much and be on his ass all day playing videogames until 2 am lmaoo

  27. that one guy

    Yeah the whole 3 meals a day is pretty unrealistic for most people. It took me not doing as many sports after high school and I started gaining weight. Now I only eat what I need.
    I've also always had trouble eating in the morning then get hungry later. But a fruit smoothie with 2 frozen egg whites (high in protein) keeps me full.

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