Things to remember when a loved person deals with anxiety

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Love is a wonderful feeling. A dream has the right to know that he or she is loved. However, loving someone with an anxiety disorder can be challenging. Anxiety disorders are one of the most common psychological problems in the United States, affecting approximately 40 million adults each year.

Anxiety affects almost all areas of a lifetime – work, health, relationships, etc. It's important to build a solid foundation and understand how anxiety affects one of these partners and how to deal with it in some way. This can only strengthen the relationship.

To achieve this, you must remember something that can help people build a relationship that is caring and respectful. Some of the details are as follows:

  • An anxious person thinks he or she may die : During a panic attack, people may start to panic, their heart rate will speed up, and they may sweat. He or she may want to vomit or even faint. These feelings are real, not exaggerated.
  • Need to wait patiently for the affected people : A person with an anxiety disorder has experienced a lot of things in his or her life. Therefore, another partner has the responsibility to be patient, compassionate and kind. Help him/her complete daily chores and encourage them to take one day at a time.
  • They don't want to rely solely on their anxiety to define : For a person, in addition to his or her anxiety, there are more things. However, people tend to be confused by mental illness. Therefore, they do not realize that people with anxiety disorders are like any other person with all the complexity. Similar to someone who may lose motivation and may endanger the relationship.
  • Anxiety can get very tired : Anxiety can be exhausting. People who deal with anxiety are hyperventilated and always on alert. This hyperventilation can be tiring when the body is in combat or escape mode. People without anxiety can pass situations that easily cause the affected person to fatigue.
  • Anxiety may be overwhelming : Anxiety can easily overwhelm a person. For people with it, any light source, noise or any sight can be disturbing and overwhelming. Any changes to the routine can be disturbing. Therefore, it is important to understand and understand them, not to criticize things that they cannot control.
  • They don't like being asked if you can still ' every time : Ask an anxious person if he or she is not doing well because they don't, it is useless, especially when he/she is hitting him/her in full swing. This problem will hurt him/her. Instead, people can ask for supportive questions such as "I can help you with anything", "I am here to serve you, you know," and so on. These are more reassuring and convincing and can be used to appease someone.
  • They thank for their support – Sometimes, for another person, an anxious patient seems to be full of himself and ignores the person he cares about. It is important to understand that he/she is not neglecting, but to deal with his own series of challenges most of the time.

Road to recovery

Sometimes, especially supportive, anxious people find that their lives are declining every day. Try self-help technology to provide short-term recourse. It is important to seek professional help, which can be combined with medications and behavioral therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy to relieve symptoms.

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