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  1. Tea Spill

    how do you guys feel about the “worst rated/worst reviewed” trend on youtube?

  2. Gabriella V.

    Ok but u can't lie, the daughter really did use sympathy. But yes Mar should get sued

  3. Bunny

    AND she picked a Selena shirt to wear 🤦‍♀️ its like wearing no makeup to relate to the average person but shes relating to the latino community

  4. pundoy aranda

    She lied like Jacklyn Hill. Sue both of them. LOL

  5. Carolina Rivera

    i just want her to get sued

  6. Kmariilu

    Sue the bitch.

  7. Odalys Tinajero

    “Loose powder went all over” no shit it’s loose powder, of course it’s gonna go all over pendeja

  8. Discover With Dani

    People making this racial… 🙄
    Anyway, I like how her eye makeup looked!

  9. Natalie P

    Where is this evidence of this alleged infection?!

  10. Linda Babusci

    The only reason why I knew her name was because of something that went down between her and Nicol Concilio a few years ago. Nicol was still relatively new so she wasn’t fake like she is now and Mariale was talking crap about her in one of non-English videos. I think Mariale was being rude about Nicol in one of her vlogs.

  11. antheia

    did this bitch call herself latina and proceeded to spell sandra wrong!? cendra omfgnksskn

  12. Katherine Gaviria

    I dont like Mariale, is so fake and a bad example of a beauty guru, her make up skills isnt good at all, no one is her friend in the latin community so she open her YouTube english channel.

  13. Courtnxxy

    "the water used to clean brushes" WOW that water is clearly used to clean the floor I mean u can see the mop next to it. hope she gets sued

  14. Discover With Dani

    I love Mariale, but these videos piss me off.

  15. Sam Mars

    I literally have skin problems and use creams like this. I’ve had the same tube to sooth my rashes for half a year and they’re meant to last a long time as they’re very expensive. Tell me she didn’t squeeze out $200 worth of cream out for that video…

  16. iHeartZebraPrintt

    I don’t think Mar did anything wrong. She went in for a service that she paid for. There were obviously going to be jokes in the video. So what things were disorganized. How was she supposed to know the artist had a disabled daughter????? When you are at work, you are supposed to leave your home at home. They just want sympathy because they took offense to the video. It was the worst reviewed for a reason

  17. bEllA Mcfailure

    1:11 if her face really burned and it was that bad why wouldn’t she have said something about it? they probably would have taken it off right assuming it’s an allergic reaction to the product

  18. Listen CRACKER

    Whhhhaaaaaaaat the makeup looks nice

  19. Angela Milcarek

    This is ridiculous..why is she the only one being called out? These kids are ALL OVER right now. And i mean honestly she did have video evidence of the sanitary practice of the salon. And someone please tell me wtf does her being Latino have to do with it? they're acting like she specifically singled out the salon because it was owned by Latino people. It's getting exhausting this day and age who is people over exaggerating and acting like everything is a hate crime. And the sad part is that they screw it up for the people who really are victims of racism and hate crimes by crying wolf. it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the girl who did her makeup was Latina she was simply making a video like every other Beauty Guru on YouTube right now. I mean if they're going to sue her then why isn't everybody else getting sued?

  20. wig snatch

    This girl thinks that if they aren’t giving out chocolate eclairs dipped in gold, then it’s disgusting. Not everybody can afford good makeup, and the makeup looked bomb on her.

  21. Boo

    Tell me why the makeup that lady did on her was actually kinda bomb? I think the makeup artist was pretty talented especially for the price.

  22. Jessicat Trollagek

    Wait so, businesses aren't allowed to have mop closets because it's 'unsanitary'?! WHOA SHIT I LEARN SOMETHING NEW EVERY DAY.

    Fuck her privileged ass.

  23. Cheyenne Marques

    I mean, if it’s a one star place then… 🤷🏻‍♀️

  24. Jeanie Luna

    Mariale sometimes comes across like trying to be awesome and this things happen. She is nice I promise. I have watched her vids since 2011 from her channel in spanish and its really nice. I don't know maybe the jokes got out of control. Don't kill me please 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

  25. i s a 🌹 지민아

    LMAOOOO MARIALE ENDED UP IN A TEA CHANNEL? BTW she's an Hispanic and Venezuelan youtuber, she has over 12 million subscribers in her Spanish channel.

  26. Ivy McNeil

    I like the makeup!! Personally I don’t think it looks bad! I tend to wear bold eye looks so this is something I myself would like. I didn’t like the way she put down the “drug store” brands. BH cosmetics is fantastic and affordable.

  27. Kim M

    “Booty Guru” 😂

  28. ashley

    I know her form sssnipwrwolf

  29. myccp edits

    Beauty gurus really ruining 2019😂😂

  30. Rusty Shackleford

    To be fair, if it has bad reviews, washes her brushes in dirty water and shit. I’m sorry, but that’s their fault, on another note, she did go into it knowing it had bad reviews.

  31. toxicblood4

    She’s wrong but the salon for having those conditions are wrong too

  32. Natalie Yanez

    Ok but why did the makeup look actually good

  33. CloudyMoon Anime

    Okay, first of all bitch:
    Not everyone is gonna have $60 makeup lying around, even if they’re a salon. I see no problem with drugstore makeup, because Its most likely sanitized and its not like its bad or anything. I get that makeup all the time.

    Second, On my standards, that place seemed in perfect condition. They certainly didn’t wash the brushes with that, The area was unorganized because you were rushing her, and Its okay to joke a bit for the likes but what you said was TERRIBLE. If I were the makeup artist, I would sue you.

    Third, the makeup seemed FINE to me. It could have used some blending and detail, but I’ve seen WAY worse.

    Not to mention, that cream was supposed to last wayy longer, and if it was actually a skin infection they would have given you more than that tiny tube. And I know for a fact that you had makeup on, and you’re not supposed to put makeup on a skin infection. If you actually went to a doctor and got that cream prescribed, they would have told you that.

    Shows how people need to learn to have enough common sense to actually think about what they’re doing. Grow up, you’re not a kid anymore.

  34. Lisa La

    I could never do such kind of video, Id feel so sorry for the person plus I dont see a point in embarrassing someone on the internet

  35. Andriannakd Caraway

    Love the new intro

  36. Marina

    I'm very allergic and constantly have skin infections due to bad reactions…. sis my tube is like that after nearly 2 years since it was prescribed (not the same and is still good)!! She's either using as if it was a face mask or bih is lying. Also wearing makeup while having an infection is a big NO NO

  37. Cosmic Cookies


  38. Jill Strzesak

    I hope this brings positive publicity to the salon and a ton of clients so they make good money off this girl’s lies.
    Big mistake. Huge.

  39. Montse Espinosa

    No lie her makeup done by ‘the worst reviewed salon’ looks pretty good…

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