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  1. Latile Masisani

    I love her and I think shes one of the most beautiful women out there. But I don't understand why some women love long nails how would you even wash yourself

  2. Lizzie

    She’s wayyy too beautiful🤩

  3. aa y

    She is soooo damn pretty !!!

  4. Aisha Ayaan

    Omg she’s my favorite 😍😍😍😍

  5. Estefany Zepeda

    She’s so gorgeous

  6. Cotton haired Aesthetic

    I am also a Virgo. So I know this woman is insane


    Wow virgos rising sign is scorpio and moon sign is leo 👀… well how interesting thx for that piece of info 😂🙌 cuz I'm a virgo tooo gurllllllll 😝🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥yasss… where all my virgos at🤭🔥?

  8. Queen Mary Bella

    Naturally gorgeous 😍😍

  9. Me So Mandy

    There’s no reason why she should be that gorgeous 😍

  10. Orphy Maurival

    Such a beauty🥰

  11. Scarlett Phoenix

    Having money will get you perfect skin. So in another words, dont be broke

  12. nicklebaby

    She's so beautiful

  13. CUZN

    Her speaking voice is so beautiful and soothing

  14. brooklynforever1990


  15. Nana G

    Beautiful girl and great skin but it would have been nice to name all the products in her routine.

  16. Rachel Apxo

    What a beauty xo 😍😍😍

  17. Survivi'NYC

    It would be great if the items she used were listed

  18. Ria Rayappan


  19. Happy Meal5355

    I literally cannot express the anger I felt when i received an ad for this toxic video

  20. Jabbar Lewis

    THE MOST PERFECT SKIN! Ive been asking fir this video for 5+ years WOW. Thank you Elle

  21. Cici_kay

    How can u be so perfect 😭😩😍😍😍😍😍👸🏿

  22. Taryn

    I thought this was Natural Neicy from here on Youtube at first. I never realized before how much they favor each other.

  23. 💖💖

    I've never heard a song from her

  24. Hafsa ibrahim

    she kinda looks like christina milian.

  25. Cynthia Hunter

    I love that she knows her REAL astrology!

  26. X-Spanded


  27. X-Spanded

    This bullshit, commercial says milk and dairy isn't all that good for you. WARNING: DO NOT BELIEVE THAT SHIT.

  28. Sweet Fee

    She is so gorgeous … and i love her voice

  29. Sheri Townsend

    She's explaining why she's not putting any make up on, when she doesn't need any makeup.

  30. CrownedxKay The MUA

    Justine Skye is sooo GORGEOUS!!! Happy rising to you, it's Scorpio SZN…OWWWwwwh!!!

  31. hea sku

    Now you know Justine ain’t lying in that bed with no bonnet or scarf on

  32. Bubbly Toni

    Cutie pie 🥰

  33. Under HIS Grace

    If you wake up and the first thing u do is be on the phone for half the morning you need to change the way you wake up seriously.

  34. Tiana Clark

    my good sis 💓

  35. Isa Johnson

    What is the Kiehls spray called? I wish they listed the products with these videos.

  36. itachispetkitty

    Don't mind me, just watching Justine not really paying attention to all the stuff she wakes up to put on her face because all I could ever manage to do in the morning is grab a towel, wet it, wipe my face and eyes, get a pad put some witch hazel on it and rub it all over, DONE lol I ain't got time for nothing else, but GOSH Justine just gorgeous for no darn reason! Love her beauty so much

  37. Chaunci Lanise

    When you’re born with perfect skin it doesn’t matter. Her skin is smooth af.

  38. dreamergirlbaby

    Long story short for those wondering how she gets such clear nice skin: She uses the Clinique skin care brand.

  39. Cara Monaé

    Her skin is everything…damn my acne prone skin 😩

  40. Ce Ce Ashley

    She's beautiful (Obviously) but who really goes to sleep with a necklace around your neck, tight enough to choke you while you sleep, it's also weird how she doesn't wear a scarf when she sleeps.

  41. Christina Saali

    She looks like Christina milian

  42. Katherine Wilson McCoy

    This woman's skin!!!

  43. Joale Jupiter

    I think it’s cool how she woke up without a full face beat, like she’s real…love her

  44. Charysma Miles

    She’s gorgeous! 💖😲

  45. Lauryn H.

    where’s the dagger necklace from 😭

  46. Lauryn H.

    ughhh she’s pretty i could never

  47. Curly Rena Ray

    Justineeeee🥰 love her! Did y’all catch what the name of the spray was ??

  48. Lili Blanch

    She is beautiful and cute at the same time 🦋🌸💎

  49. VallyVal

    I adore her😍

  50. Audrey Unique

    She’s so bomb

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