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  1. Carmina Umali

    I love 7m ab workout app. It really works especially the “angel abs” 😍

  2. sunday

    my cousin and i did yoga on my driveway and we got bored of yoga so she told me to lie on the mat and she rolled me up in it lol i got stuck and i tried to stand up and i was jumping and it was like 10 at night and i was hopping around yelling i’m a burrito and my neighbors were staring out the window at us 😂

  3. tony

    Thanks for wasting my time

  4. ronald maristela

    Hi kindly check this link below! For a lot of ideas fitness diet.

  5. Popcorn Corn

    The 30 day challenge one is NOT free

  6. Elle Osborne

    does it work

  7. Miss Music

    Video starts 2:04

  8. RemixTime

    Is 7 Min women just for women

  9. Lizzie Hadley

    I have confidence issues so I work out at home atm xx

  10. Lizzie Hadley

    Theses apps are amazing xx

  11. Dessa’s Life

    I’ve been using the 7m Women for a week now and I totally recommend it! I workout 2-3 times a day. It’s the perfect app for me. It connects with the health app on the iPhone. I gave it five stars. Still working out to get abs. But I also want to gain weight because I’m skinny. At the same time I want to eat a lot of food to get bigger. So I can healthily workout while eating. The app also tracks your weight so you can see your progress.

  12. mxar

    Omg in 3 days i lost 1kg! Thank you girl!

  13. Candace o3o

    I've been using this app for a few months now and I work out each day by using 7M women and eating healthy and I've definitely been showing improving

  14. Lust Clan

    Can you be a boy and do theese

  15. Charlie Hale

    I am obsessed with SHRED on iOS. Totally changed the way I workout in the gym and is hands down the best workout app I've ever used! Way better than anything else I've tried. Best part? It's free!

  16. PlaidEar

    That's not and iPhone app dang its cross platform use on Samsung too over promoting iphone

  17. Giada De Jesus

    My house

  18. DemonBunnyQueen

    Adaptive is $14.99 now. Mannnn

  19. Phoebe Elizabeth

    i love 7m women it has made me motivated to wake up every morning and work out i love it!

  20. kailey nicodemus

    wtf was that intro lmao

  21. LIISU TV

    i also use Female Fitness app, it's for Androids and Iphones so yeah

  22. YEAHIT'SME Katie

    I love workouts in my room but I live in Florida so I love running in the heat and humidity lol

  23. Jen Davis

    Love these apps!! Which do you guys use the most?

  24. C G

    You should review this AMAZING workout APP for Android:

  25. xaquitaine

    ur mail.

  26. Vartika Mishra

    I couldn’t find 7M women on App Store

  27. 丽婷 子逸

    I love working out at home

  28. Kelly Lim

    I love working at the gym!!

  29. Rasarani Devi Dasi

    i recommend ZOVA and yoga glo

  30. alex simon

    At my house I’m not old enough to go to the gym

  31. Autumn&cat

    At the gym

  32. Darby Williams

    Ahh I tried the 7 minute women app this morning and did 3 of them and it kicked my ass but was so short, exactly what I need in a workout!

  33. Gum Arabic USA

    What do you know about Prebiotics and Probiotics?

  34. krazy kiekie

    Could you do a my workout routine video

  35. Deena Benmouloud

    I love you and this SM and you seriously look AMAZING omg

  36. Shelby Cousins

    can you please please please do a “my fitness journey” type video? you look so great !!!!!!!💘

  37. Marie

    I love working out at the gym

  38. Tanishala Frost

    Thank you for sharing. I got some good apps to download now ❤️ 🙂

  39. Makala Morrow

    La fitness or home!

  40. Eryca Tiger

    While I'm watching this, there is a Sonic ad under the video 😂

  41. samantha Buckson

    Have a nice day Adrienne

  42. samantha Buckson

    Hi Adrienne I enjoy watching your video

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