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  1. Tone and Tighten

    Did you try these yet? Which one did you get the most relief from? I hope these stretches and tips help you to live healthier and happier. Thanks so much for watching!

  2. Mohammad Shoaib

    I have severe pain in back and also have scolysis, I had spine fracture and had four level screw fixation surgery. So can you suggest me any exercise for me, screw fixation from d9 to L2.

  3. Gladiator Cool

    the lower part of my scapula always makes cracky sound. And left rhomboid spasm pain just doesn't go away.

  4. Anthony Reyes

    Amazing stuff!

  5. krishna gore

    Good work keep going

  6. Aisha Memon

    I have stiffness in muscles. That's why I have body pain specifically in shoulders, back, waist. Pease suggest me exercises for relieve.

  7. Heather Owen

    these are great! I use them often with clients! thanks for the video I can send my online clients 😀

  8. amma naanna

    I have Thoracic spain pain ,I can't sit Maximum one hour properly.both sides of Thoracic spain ,I have full pain .pls solutionsof my problem

  9. shut up

    HY, how can you tell which level is maybe stiff? take care

  10. Billno Charlson

    Great training. Thanks so much.

  11. shimita subash

    Hi Dr, can I do these exercises? I had too much pain in my upper back ,got my MRI done.Doctor said that I have slip disc prolapse at cervical, thorasic and lumbar area. Thorasic disc is more protruded with nerve compression. Cervical nd lumbar mild nerve compression. Please suggest.

  12. traveling47

    this video is a life saver.

  13. Geraldine MacDermott

    Thanks for your reply I saw a therapist who did lots of tests and said dizziness was due to BPPV he gave me Sermont Maneuvers to do. It took about two weeks for it to clear the dizziness completely. Would you be able to give a demonstrationOf the procedure that works much more quickly. Thanks for all your help and all your videos are great help

  14. Tommie Woo

    Do you have a excise video to build leg strength on bed in Mobilities?

  15. Agnel Clement

    How to get away from Radius joint pain exactly In the elbow of right and left hand

  16. Peadermac

    Great content!

  17. Anne Speaks

    I have s shape scoliosis on my thoracic spine. The T1 to T6 to the left then T7 to T12 to the right. Then the spine on my lumbar is to the left. I hope u make videos of scoliosis exercises based on curves. It will help us a lot. 😭

  18. The Faster

    So excited to incorporate all I'm learning from you into my daily life! Today Day #1!

  19. Zidane Zizou

    Hello Doctor Jared, thank you for your video, and your tips it's really helpful. I have a question about spine injury I got injury from soccer, my spine got injured, while my spine got injured I was working out in same time. so the next day I went to workout and I guess I aggravated, my spine now it's been three year and I still have the pain. If I don't do activity like working on or playing soccer it seems it's fine a little bit better, but I would like to go back to gym start working out, maybe light wait lifting cardio running what's your suggestion thank you so much best regards.

  20. Geraldine MacDermott

    Having problems with dizziness at the moment. Will I get enough benefit from wall angels and rowing without having to do laying down postures with roller etc which bring in dizziness. Thanks so much for your help

  21. Ves Andreev

    Thanks again for the wonderful back exercises!
    Will try them later today. Already using the 5 posture exercises and they seem to help just from day one.

    Thank you for sharing your deep knowledge, for free, in a form of excellent presentations.
    Stay healthy and keep the good work! <3

  22. amgad abdelmalak

    Hi sir
    My name is amgad I have pain once I’m setting for long period of time for driving 8 hours with Uber straight is there is any excessive I can do it might help me take the pain away
    Is there is any exercises I can do once I have chance when I drive
    Thanks sir

  23. Katie Stephens

    I had thoracic spinal fusion and Herrington rods implanted when I was a teenager.. Will doing the exercises for flexibility be effective for me at all, or should I focus only on stability?

  24. Kina Kerst

    Will the last 3 exercises for strengthening help with rib subluxation?

  25. GiftEm

    I love your videos!

  26. Guy Incognito

    Great videos, great exercises, great walkthroughs and explanations. Cute couple. Only complaint is the obvious crack in the floor at 8:00.

  27. Jen Cruz

    Thanks for great videos, learning a lot! I am a 41 y/o nurse who always has upper back pain and has osteoporosis/scoliosis. Would greatly appreciate if you have exercises that can help me.
    God bless!

  28. rick i

    Hi there , i have a upper back muscle strain I was asymptomatic I've been doing your band excercise to strengthen my back but as soon as I did 3 sets 10 reps with band my back started hurting again afterwards . Should I stop or should I goneven lighter/less reps?
    What should I do
    And will I ever be able to go into body building again?

  29. cooldemon786

    Will these exercise gonna help patient who have flat back syndrome?

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