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  1. smeraldo garden

    should i start doing tarot updates in the community tab?

  2. ω e x p e n s i v e g i r l ω

    You're so creative ♡♡

  3. Anime Lover

    Hey I saw your comment on another post. Did you actually manifest a squad like nct?😂

  4. Moon Audio

    Idk what half of that means

  5. e . // soyvean

    You're an angel. Like, you're everything I want to be as a sub maker. You're like,beyond perfection. Even saying you're beyond perfection is a understatement because like,omg every subliminal you have made is just ❤️💓❤️💓❤️💓

  6. Andy pierce

    2 videos in and already subscribed

  7. smeraldo garden

    this is looped! many times ! listen for how much you like !

  8. //. magnolia

    so this is like cg beauty?

  9. — keulloi 클로이

    woahh i love this so much 💞 aaaa i just want to say your channel’s aesthetic is so pretty and i just cAN’t- hDHSJS thank you for making all these subs for us and also you’re a wholeass cutie patootie 💖
    p.s. i-i love you 😞👉👈

  10. Bangtan_ girl ff's

    Hello i have a question(sorry if I bother you) but is it okay to put my own music over every silent subliminal?Would it still work?Because I'm using a silent sub overnight,but I want to hear music too.^^

  11. K-pop fan


  12. moon !

    so lets say i dont have an ideal face, this will still enhance my features, right? also uwuwuwuwuwuwuw ilysm this is art 💞💕💖🌱

  13. —wina

    ilyyyyy 💕💞💖

  14. A.T VLOGS!¡

    Will this clash with the beauty filter sub? Thank u for anyone who replies

  15. Walkingbolster

    You've done it again~…


  16. estelle dx.lxzbel


  17. Wow, I'm so early haha. I'm not gonna use it but this is honestly amazing, creative and unique. I'm shook you snapped (like you always are). Thank you for your hard work, ilysm.

  18. Rocker unni

    hey qweeen 💕

  19. Honey luv 甘い


  20. holy hell

    It's perfect! Thank you so much for your hard work!

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