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  1. Sham Gawd

    i have a vision for healthcare such as yours. Ive been saying this for years, tiger needs to go to someone with the ancient wisdom of the energy body like you do. Modern healthcare, and pills just hide attack symptons, not the root cause.

    I hope Tiger comes to you, best of luck

  2. fireandcopper

    This man isn't a doctor of medicine.

  3. Daven Williamson

    Mister dr. Peter Glidden I would like to share something with you I've shared it with you once before I think that you would be interested in this as well as your followers. AFA also known as Aphanizomenon flos-aquae is the most nutrient-dense food available and known to mankind today. You should get involved. There are a few Harvesters from Klamath Lake but the best one is New Earth.

  4. cptpapa

    Blood pressure and type 2 diabetes can be cured. Go Keto!

  5. Johnny Aingel

    6 minutes in and he finally got to the point he speaks a bit of truth here and there but everything to me here in America is about making money one way are another no matter who you are nothing is free unless you follow GODS way of natural eating and lifestyle and prayer and meditation through breath control most of all

  6. John Flynn

    Dr. Glidden is one of my newest favorite Youtubers!

  7. Victor Da Silva

    You mean Xanax and oxy are bad? No way, next you gonna tell me viagra and alcohol and hookers are also. No way dude.

  8. Manuel Salazar

    Dr Glidden my wife can’t smell or taste. What can she do she has been to the doctors they don’t know 🤪.

  9. Momma Knows Bestest

    Thank you👏👏👏👏👏👏

  10. pleiades

    Ignorance is bliss for the rich and uninformed.
    Stem cell therapy would have been an alternative and also supplements.

  11. Rebecca Bryan

    is it soy grain alergin free

  12. eWave eScape

    Thanks for all your videos.

  13. Sodthong

    And of course Tiger likes fried food, not good…

  14. natytrueheart

    Thank You 🙂

  15. Zaly

    Thank you for your input to society. I pass it forward whenever I can.

  16. Teresa Cullen

    thank you shared .👍🌠⏩⏩⏩ shared .

  17. Dirty Dan

    Thanks for sharing ❤️

  18. Johny Hansen

    on a second thought for over $600 on very basic supplements that I would have to buy from Eifel .com on monthly basis I decided to rather lease a Lexus SUV instead

  19. Najeeb Khan

    We appreciate you sir always………dr peter glidden

  20. Gennaro

    People are willing and addicted to the system thanks for sharing Dr GL

  21. Luw7

    Ratliff was about 38 when he retired. That's quite old for an NBA player, but nowhere near the oldest. Kareem played into his 40s, Vince Carter is playing next season at 42, Kevin Willis played until 44, John Stockton 40, Robert Parish, Malone, Mutombo all over 40.

  22. Catalina MaGoo

    That’s what I was told today when I went to a chiropractor and he said arthritis can not be cured and I need a hip surgery ugggg …I cannot accept that

  23. Chris Hacopian

    He also enjoys his prescription drugs while banging pornstars too

  24. Free culture

    Great show. As always!

  25. Lisa Camille

    Thank you Dr. Glidden 👌👏👏

  26. James Cardellini

    Dr Glidden, maybe tiger woods should have tried PRP or protein rich plasma procedure to help his knee to regenerate it's own stem cells to heal the tendons and ligaments in his knee to heal with his own body's innate capacity and inherent God given capabilities. ALSO, the other procedure called prolotherapy. these two are similar, but small nuances or differences between them. and of course the help of good, reputable neutraceuticals like MSM, glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin, green lipped muscle, curcumin, and celadrin which is esterified fatty acids, which has an affinity for painful joints, ligaments and tendons. but no one knows his true circumstances, and so after having so many prior knee surgeries, this one probably was necessary. but thank God for natural supplements and procedures that are available and are effective in the earlier stages. Jean.

  27. Lindy B

    Thank you 🤗🌷💗🎉

  28. FrankieTrk

    Dr Glidden, your health recommendations are great!

  29. Texashealer

    Thank you so much🌺
    Sending Y'all LOVE BLESSINGS LIGHT 💗🍍✨🐬🌈🦋🕉
    LOVE – Unconditional love
    BLESSINGS – Abundant Blessings
    LIGHT – Remember the light from which we came 🌟& will return💫
    WE ARE ONE 💞

  30. MWT

    Doc – you rock and thank you for being all over it, all the time!

  31. Jason tradinghigh

    With respect, and a genuine question. What would you do if you got cancer?


    Reminder: your background logo presents truth (your website address) mixed with the Big Globe LIE. Not good.

  33. Christine Mckay

    👏👏👏 love your videos xx

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