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  1. Gayatri Mestry

    Very nice 🌷

  2. Bangtan my heartbeat_ 1D

    Thank you! These tips are really helpful!💕

  3. Ravishin Diva

    Pls make a video on easy and effective hair growth remedies!

  4. Manoj kumar Kant

    my name is also Simran
    thanks di

  5. Pori Gogoi

    I m became big fan of ur channel 🥰🥰🥰

  6. Muna Shakya

    Can I do excersice during period or menstruation

  7. s g

    Great tips
    Thanks for sharing

  8. Jannatul Mahia

    I really loves ur vedio's
    Please make a vedio on hair fall.😊

  9. suzana payel

    Please please please weight gain videos upload 🙏😭😭😭

  10. Kanwar Nadeem

  11. kiran sonawane

    Awesome 💕💋💖💗

  12. Swapnaja Maid

    Heya thank you so much ❣️

  13. Rashu Sultana

    Finally I got perfect video.

  14. Aditya Aadi

    heeyy Glamrs ❤
    yr thnd m paseena aata hi ni h kitta b hard work kr lo 😂😂😂jst joking … love u guys😍😊

  15. S kru

    Those squats were so wrong!!

  16. Murchana Bora

    Most important video of all.!!!!! Thanks ❤️

  17. amrita Ingle

    Useful video

  18. Sri Lakshmi

    Thanks glamrs

  19. Vartika Bhagat

    Hey glamrs. Ik it's out of context but there's a simple request , if you could try some zero waste ideas and cruelty free products for a clean and ethical beauty lifestyle and promote them♥️. I'm sure your platform is trustable.


    Please do a video on weight gain, it helps.. thank you.

  21. maahi chauhan

    Plz give weight grain tips also….

  22. Neha Kashyap

    Weight gain par bhi video banaye please

  23. Yuktha c. v

    This really will help me

  24. susy 001

    Very useful💓

  25. San K

    Hi Glamrs, can you share some info about how Collagen Dietary Supplements helps for anti-aging and weight loss . TIA

  26. Asu Aanya

    Nice tips…….

  27. Miss Anjali barnwal

    Hii thank you for this video!! Can please help me with my hair.. I have curly hair but from past few years i lost my curls and hair looks very rough dry and ugly.. Hair is not growing at all and falling too.. Please tell any easy way to manage them and make them soft smooth and beautiful with curls. 😫🙏🙏💓

  28. Mohanan Mundappilly

    Really needed this!
    Need to shed those extra pounds!
    Right in time!! Thank you glamrs 😍 loved it 🤩🤩🤩

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