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  1. The Joker

    Hi..im from philippines..can you help me loss my weight im currently 242lb and im 28 years old..im doing some work but i think it didnt working bec. Im so heavy and i have asthma..i just want now to be healthy for my future and for my family also..i hope u notice me…

  2. Bake Master

    Watching brix talking about mindfulness while on the treadmill. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. La Galeh

    Wow… This video is everything!!! Thank you so much Brix! 🥺💙

  4. jboymontel1

    Changing your mindset not only helps you transform your body but your life as well…positive reinforcement is very essential to it all…

  5. Isaac Wolf

    I know the magic answer… eat less, and don’t quit it will hurt you will suffer but you have to find yourself in all the pain and will power. work out more than you eat. You will see results I was 310 now I’m 186 in 5 months now going to go in the airforce in 6 months.

  6. Arij Ariiij

    I highly recommend : " Mindset: The New Psychology of Success"

    The updated edition of the book that has changed millions of lives with its insights into the growth mindset.


  7. Marko Purcell

    I've begun spending more and more time on this channel. I really appreciate what you do on here. Great messages and great videos. Thank you. I'm 39 years old, 5'10", 300lbs. My goal is change my lifestyle in such a way that I drop 60lbs and keep it off.

  8. DJ King T.U.T

    Just found the channel, dope content. Pushing pass 100lbs lost and looking to keep things fresh! Good stuff #salute ps I’m still trying to figure out the balance thing: right now I don’t cheat at all because I’m scarred of weight gain.

  9. Health, Weight & Real Talk

    Over eating is a mental condition. You’re right it’s programming. I have made the habits of questioning my food and why do I feel I NEED a Pepsi. In the morning I meditate and see the healthy body and habits I want.

  10. Merc Merc

    Fat Brix use to be CRIPPIN?!? 🤔😳 lol

  11. Frank Valentich

    GREAT VIDEO!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  12. Jayvon Bowden

    I love your videos you inspired me to lose weight. in 5 months i Lost 65 lbs thank u

  13. Austin Walker

    Hey brix, just asking some advice. I was pushing hard for months when I moved across my state to a new area and got into a funk and just had my first child. Lost all drive to push myself. Any tips on how to get back in the mind state of caring.

  14. A Journey To Summer

    The fact that you’re one of the few fitness influencers who preach about mindfulness, and mental health, says wonders about the quality of your content. I can’t stress enough how much your content is helping and speaking to higher versions of us. We thank you!

    Would you mind also doing a video talking about “all” of the trending diets giving your thoughts, perspective and science behind it? If you haven’t already?

  15. Khalil Jenkins

    Hey bro….been a good minute since I reached out to you…thanks for this…

  16. Muna


  17. Terrel Young

    Are u a crip or were u into gangs? I see the picture with the c just asking bro?

  18. Andrei Stefan


  19. Rainy Rain

    Very helpful video!

  20. S O N J A

    Fantastic advice.

  21. KG

    Good video! Literally think of the person that you want to me and hold your self accountable. You can manifest your mind and body to whatever you want as long as you put in the work 💪🏽

  22. JunkFood Vegan

    Brix is looking good…he really leaned out.

  23. D.C stop wellin

    Since becoming a vegan! My question to you my brother is, how your digestion? And Dem veggies be having you farting💨💨💨💨! How do u continue being plant based?


    Took my fat ass to the gym today. Very glad I did. I only did 30 mins cardio tho but it’s better than nothing. I did 15 mins walking then 2 mins running/2walking/ 1 min running/ 1walking/ 2running and then I did my last thirty seconds walking. Lol is that good enough? I wanna start doing weights tomorrow

  25. Woke Man

    Is there a glory hole behind you?

  26. J. C.

    Cuh im tired. I work out everyday, I'm swole but I still got hella fat. I'm 5'9 270lbs I throw on a 40lbs weighted vest and I hit 200 push ups 200 squats. I need to move out the house already so I can get away from all this 🔥 food.

  27. Salam Ebron

    At the refrigerator: “How I get here?”

    My life story

  28. Joshua Smith

    Brix is one of the few YouTubers out there that keep it real.

  29. Adam A

    I started my own weight loss journey in June. Since then I’m down nearly 100lbs 💪🏾
    Maybe my video can inspire others to change for the better

  30. Shemaur Warner

    Fat Brix would've been a dope rap name

  31. Hustler Ambition

    That 12 week program you have is to much reading I need help bro downloading apps idk how to use


    That was you wow big transformation fatbrix lol not no more

  33. rose budd

    Nice video! I learned about mindfulness in therapy and yes, it helps!

  34. Mike Thomas

    Be MINDFULL! Thanks, do more videos on this!

  35. Dee-Light-FULL Views

    I was just saying this under one of your vids 🙌🏾

  36. RealOne4

    Love this.

  37. Luckychickenbone

    Such real talk

  38. Mikmaq LoneBear

    Hey brix, I been following you for maybe a year now anyways, I struggled hardcore quitting sugar and carbs, but that is where I am starting out, mindfulness is key, I been at it and feel like it's starting out slow but it has only been 45 days

  39. King Khan

    Word of advise don’t listen to these clowns am telling you these lot make it sound so complicated it’s not

  40. SimplyLeah

    Great message!!

  41. Priyadarshini Shanmugam

    Thanks for motivating 🙌 you are inspiring.. love from India

  42. Missp PHELADI

    Hello guys my 2020 goal is to loose weight and I have decided to take my journey on YouTube please go subscribe and support your girl….. God bless you ❤

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