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  1. Roberta's Gym

    Hope you liked this new video format. Wanted to address the issue of weight loss and foods to eat / foods to avoid if you want to lose weight because I get asked all the time about this.
    It is also important that you understand how weight loss works, if you really want to get good results – and I explained the process as simple as I can in the first part of the video.
    The second part of the video contains the actual workout with the top 10 weight loss exercises.
    I wish you the best of luck and let me know here in the comments what you think!
    Good luck and let's begin 💪❤️

  2. Gourav Saha

    want to tight my hanging belly . is it possible to do( age 30 & height 5.3, weight 62)?

  3. Rosa Scrimshaw

    love your abdominal work outs need low impact areobics bad knees love you

  4. lady of the night


  5. Juliet Gel

    I love it I start this already Thanks!😊🍅🍉🍇🍏🍎🍐🍊🍋🍓🍈🥒🍠🥔🥕🥝🥑😘💪🏻

  6. Empress ki

    Ur channel is best for home exercise….. And its work effectively… Lots of love for ur Channel

  7. Rainbow Cloudz

    I eat unhealthy bug I exercisec hard and with your videos I was able to lose 5 kg
    I wish I was more consistent I tried to do everyday but I missed a day I felt so guilty AnD I ate unhealthy
    I'm beginning to like the sweat feeling it makes me feel proud and strong

  8. Sejal Gupta

    Thyryd patient ka weight isse kam ho skta h kya?

  9. waheed Haddad


  10. Ani Charkviani

    This is really helpful 🙏

  11. surbhi mahant

    Hey Roberta plz reveal your face.. I'm your subscribe from the starting n u know that. And please give shout out to us in your stories….hihiii…. Love u

  12. Mounika Mounu

    C section after can we do all this exercise

  13. Akansha Gupta

    Thank you Roberta..U r best..I feel so good after exercise..now it's in my habit to exercise daily ,not feel good if I skip a day….Exercise literally is good not only for physics it's affects mind too..I feel relax everyday nd happy.. Thank you so much Roberta..Thanks for this new vedio m always ready for your new vedio and excited to do new set of exercises ..Now I love to do exercise thnx❤❤

  14. Hi Roberta thanks 😊
    I’m doing your exercise
    And I am sweating what are the best
    foods you can eat during dinner and
    lunch? I can’t think of a good meal
    that will fill me up! Thanks, Roberta❤️💪

  15. Frances Medrano

    question, is it okay to eat rice while you want to lose weight?

  16. Bhavani Naragund

    Hi I regularly workout with your amazing video I lost 3 kg in 15 days but after that my body stopped loosing weight but I m continuing workout I left all unhealthy foods fried items. I eat normal home made food. Plz any suggestions for me. How can I loose my weight further

  17. flobi2306

    Nice and simple approach. There is no miracle – exercising regularly and eating healthy. Thank you for the reminder.

  18. Robyn Tattersall

    Happy with the slight change in the music thank you .. sometimes the other can be a bit jarring after a while

  19. Sophie Rashid

    It's amazing today thx Roberto but i really love bread

  20. Kavita Keshri

    Robarta, Should do workout with shoes?

  21. Mochi UwU

    Um people are saying they wanna see her and I think she is a human but her responses are by robot for example I saw a comment saying hi Roberta I wanna see you and her response was thanks *name*!good luck and keep exercising.they never said anything about exercising. So I think her responses are by robot!

  22. Fatima Aslam


  23. Sandrah Peace

    Thank you Lord, I no longer eat unhealthy, I feed my body right and my spirit. I wanna be shaped with a tiny waist. God bless Roberta

  24. Anjali Choudhary

    I am thyroid patient.later one month I do the workout daily.but my wait not reduce

  25. Hsg Vvd

    How to loss waist???

  26. md khadeer pasha

    Thank you so much

  27. ng huiyi

    can i drink avocado milkshake

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