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  1. Autumn Johnson

    Best video of the year!!!! Fingers crossed for old school vlogmas 🤞🤞🤞

  2. Erica Vigilante

    I was waiting for this video soooo much!!! 🤩❤️❤️❤️

  3. Ioana - TheGlamLover

    Good video ❤️

  4. Rachel Jones

    I was GUTTED when I missed the cult beauty advent calendar. Missed it by an hour because I was stuck at work 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  5. Beth Evans

    I have had the No7 advent in the past. But I can no longer afford it so I will be shopping around this year to see what I can get. Love your videos 💜

  6. Sophia Ottleu

    Bought the liberty one!

  7. Lara Gilua

    Nobody does Advent Calendar previews/reviews like Fleur!!! I always wait for this every year!!!

  8. JeSuisJusteMoi

    I got so excited just from the intro and music! So excited for all your Christmas content this year. 🙂

  9. Lilyn Hester

    Urgh. The Cult Beauty one looks amazing! Shocked no Diptyque or Elemis calendars?

  10. BossyBoots TresChic

    Cult Beauty sold out😢

  11. Sasywhatsbiz

    So wish advent calendars were a thing is the USA. I've found maybe 2 or 3 via online. But nothing like the UK

  12. Lesley Jones

    Always buy M&S but I know what you mean about repeated products. Your no 1 does look amazing. I’m thinking of making my own this year for my daughter so if you can recommend small gift ideas so we can re use old calendars that would be fab

  13. Edyta

    Omg! I'd love that Cult Beauty calendar!

  14. Giulia Moggio

    Love your hair 😍

  15. Mandy H

    You should watch Eltoria channel she does Avent Calenders every year too i love seeing it open each day what they are. I do like the Lush one. Yes I totally agree buy one that you would use the products otherwise waste of money.

  16. Ana Maria Patrulescu

    this is not an unboxing

  17. Glynis Downey

    Aww yes yes yes Christmas has arrived Fleur I really love your choice of calendars this year and I totally get where you are coming from. My favourite has to be the cult beauty one they really have smashed it especially with the 10 product's on Christmas day, ( Brill) huge thank you for the giveaway I will enter as I do every year fingers crossed and good luck to everyone xx

  18. Jessica Pilgrim

    Are you gifted all these?

  19. Alice

    In case anyone is buying the m&s advent calendar and hasn't bought one before: they do always sell out!!

  20. Irene dW

    Yay so excited to see your yearly video for this 😍🎄

  21. Tea With Tams

    I wish I live in the UK


    Would anyone know a good advent calendar for men for £50.00? I want to gift my friend one for Christmas.

  23. Lorna Becker

    I would have to save for a year to even be able to afford one of those luxury calendars and even then they sell out so fast you can’t get hold of one xx

  24. Heather M

    This video felt rushed compared to previous years, maybe because you only included 5 calendars

  25. Aki Hirakawa


  26. Ludka Borkowska

    Oh wow they're ALL so wonderful! I was thinking about buying the body shop advent calendar but then I decided i'd rather save some money this year 😉 Instead, I will make an advent calendar for my bf and he will make one for me, so I guess I might still get some nice skin care products 🙂

  27. Donna Nancekivell

    Yes I always enjoy seeing the calendars Fleur, but feel they have just gotten so expensive., not for everyone………. also it’s Oct 21st here in Toronto and I really don’t want to hear about anything Christmas yet ….except for VLOGMAS, Stockings and your party………….xo Donna in Toronto

  28. Sara M

    First and for most, I'm so excited for Christmas and oh goodness I love your outfit 😍 much love Fleur ❤

  29. Flávia F

    I feel so frustrated that we don't get to buy these calendars here in Brazil, even stores like The Body Shop that is a Brazilian company won't sell their calendars here. I would love to able the get one for me

  30. Julia Andersen

    lol nooo so early. But still love it

  31. ihana tanja

    The inside of the Liberty calendar is GORGEOUS. 😍

  32. Arwa Hussein

    Cult beauty is my favorite hope to win it 😍

  33. Stella Vips

    I wait for this video every year even though most of these aren't available in the US. Thank you for letting me live vicariously through you!

  34. Rachael Baldock

    Normally get M&S as best in my budget. Would love a Liberty one😍 or a Cult one. But this year with the help of my glossy points got a Glossy box one.😁💕

  35. Suzanna Vieveen-Weemeijer

    I went with the Rituals Advent Calendar and the Harry Potter Lego one. My husband is making me one with treats in it, haha =D Christmas is gonna be epic.

  36. Constantina KS

    Thhhheeee jinnnngle😆 i dont even care that its before Halloween😅 loved cultbeauty i was on the waitlist didnt even get an email & its sold out😬 x

  37. amanda gong

    Love this video every year

  38. Dana P

    I missed out on cult beauty so I will be buying the mns one as a treat

  39. ML BB

    the body shop are always the best

  40. SkyJenny

    Hi 👋 does anyone know where she gets her earrings😍

  41. Rebecca Hope

    So the M&S one is not £40 it’s £75 if you have to spend £25 to get it……😡

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