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  1. Ralph Tribie

    I love grapefruit

  2. DJ Illusion

    How tall r u

  3. Tony Johnson

    Grapefruit, I can dig it!

  4. Jahmal Garner

    What's up bro i would like to know about your morning smoothies

  5. All Smiles

    Yes please do a video on your smoothies! Just heard this the 2nd time around. I’m making my healthier grocery list and green yogurt is added now. This video is motivational fireeee 🔥 💪💪

  6. Christopher Ford

    I hate grapefruit with a passion

  7. Jerome Dingle

    I’d like to see the smoothie video.

  8. Jerome Dingle

    I used to hate grapefruit, but I gave it another try as an adult and I love it now.

  9. matthew thampan

    Hey brother I love your channel. I’m going to hop in this YouTube game myself and people like you have pushed me to move forward with it. I recently fell in love with calisthenics too.

    But I’m a personal trainer that uses a holistic approach to help someone’s health, meaning not just exercise, exercises on exercises but look at their whole lifestyle, barriers to make changes, whether physical or mental; help them manage these along with stress management techniques like meditation AND PRIMARILY DIET DIET DIET!!
    I wish to be a holistic doctor and reverse disease using natural medicine in the future, nutrition is my passion. Just had to give some context, I have studied the science of nutrition extensively.

    I wanted to say one look at this list and everything on here is great!!! This is an amazing list that focuses on a lot of foods that not only help weight loss but also in preventing AND reversing disease 🙂
    EXCEPT the cheese lol, cheese should be considered a cheat, it has a lot of fat so it’s calorically dense but besides that the fat and cholesterol causes insulin resistance more than sugar which can = Type 2 Diabetes. Not only that but you produce an enzyme called TMAO in your liver which leads to Heart disease/inflammation in body from excess animal protein. Plus any excess protein (vegan or animal) except with high fiber will overstimulate the hormone that causes cell/muscle growth called IGF-1 hormone which leads to cancer, acne and can speed up aging.

    BUT it can be balanced out with enough whole, high fiber foods like you put on here, so everything you say is great 👍🏽 just wanted to post the raw science so we know the emphasis for health in addition to weight loss; not from 1 or 2 nor 10 studied but decades of peer reviewed science from top doctors and scientists. A good book is the China Study, it’s simply a compilation of decades of peer-reviewed health research. I know I typed an essay, I apologize if it was a bit too lengthy 😅 if you read through this I hope it was of any value. Blessings to everyone, I hope your days are wonderful and I hope all goes well for every one of you 😀

    PS- every genetic background is different but most who aren’t of Northern European/certain east African descent can’t assimilate animal proteins and dairy like those groups have evolved to be able to.

  10. kingbam

    This was very informative especially since I got to lose about 10 lbs before weigh ins

  11. Atiba Gaskin

    2 teaspoons of Acv 16oz water & lemon juice works very good. Not good to drink Acv alone can cause problems with your esophagus. 👍🏾

  12. Matt Carpenter

    Hey Bully, next video you should talk about foods that are high in micro nutrients and vitamins and good minerals (potassium, vitamins A, D, B’s), potassium is SUCH a super important part of losing fat, gaining muscle and blocking insulin!! Love you vids man, it’s giving me motivation to start my own gym journey!

  13. Blackzillajr because why not

    I would greatly appreciate a smoothie vid. Most of the time I just wing a smoothie with no real reason for the ingredients I use. Seeing what others like and do is always useful!

  14. Chriz Jenson

    Grapefruit reminds me of Kai Greene 😂

  15. Johnny Dumont

    Thanks bro, this info helps me

  16. Jeffrey williams

    Have a blessed weekend 💪🏾💯💯💯💯

  17. damien knox

    Wassup Billie juice I just turned 41 in July I've been in the gym hitting it hard an I'm getting good results I just can seem to get rid of alot body fat I was using cla but i stopped can I do cardio an how much cardio

  18. Giorgio Karagiannidis

    Come on man. Where are you going to upload workout videos with weights and callisthenics mixed? We are waiting for months 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  19. Jacob

    I would like to see a smoothie video!


    Grapefruit juice destroys my throat

  21. DonShotta24

    Please do a smoothie video

  22. priceless0279

    Love Grape fruit

  23. Rebekah-Chris S-K

    hurray for foods 😀 but I think when you said you got yogurt on your mouth it wasn't yogurt but some of your bully juice since you're excited about helping folks out there rock and roll with their health journey 😀

  24. Yifan Zang

    Could you please do a morning smoothie video?

  25. Risha W

    I eat avocados but the shit is so plain lol and i bought avocado oil that taste worse than the avocado. Great for skin hair and nail as well

  26. Ja'kobbe Williams

    Ive always been over weight, lose then fall of and gain it back. When my son was born I've been the biggest ever. Im 5'8" and was 260. I've been using your workouts and now the food tips you've given and I'm 245. Lot more to go, but im on it.

  27. caleb thompson

    Let’s see a video on those bully smoothies

  28. b.cage

    Actually saturated fats from meat boost testosterone nore than any other fat. Polyunsaturated fats lower test, and monunsaturated raise them a bit.
    Not sure whats fats are in avo, but if anyones lookimg to bump test eating higher saturated fat for a bit witll do so. Physionics put out a video on a paper about this recently.

  29. Erick Delko

    Any tips for the skinny fat folk? You know the kind that’s cool with a shirt on at parties but once summer comes, they cannot take their shirt off cause you’ll see the gut?

  30. Fly Lu

    Getting lean I see…🤙🤙🤘

  31. Shaybeauty

    New Subscriber🔥

  32. Brian Na

    asparagus or coconut oil? salmon?

  33. Kboyce Productions LTD

    What about cauliflower and sweet potatoes

  34. Walter Reddick

    Love grapefruit, especially the ruby red ones. Good information here!

  35. TCBABY1

    Much love from a former 2T

  36. Wu2King

    i cant eat avocados unfortunately

  37. D W

    This isnt new or groundbreaking info but its motivating hear it from a different voice and perspective. Keep up the good work

  38. Ashley

    Ginger root is good as well, add it to your smoothie.

  39. Vesco_Zo

    When u gonna do a popeyes chicken sandwhich review 👀

  40. Laquaisha Jackson

    Yes please make the smoothie video

  41. Cross Brantley

    Grapefruit lil tangy lol but acceptable for flavor

  42. J Phillips

    Nice list Bully, hope to see more of these types of videos.

  43. Spider Mcgavenport

    Thank you, Staff Sergeant Juice, much appreciated apple cider vinegar introduction to our daily routines.

  44. Eduard Footbal

    i am sick like very i have to take injections like every week cause my muscullar fibres hearts!!I did same exercises slowly from your vids and i am slowly recovering.Thanks so much hope i get well soon to get fit again!!And i can't play footbal for my club just outside:((

  45. Hangingwithcass

    Hey bullyjuice. Great video. Was wondering if you had any tips for a truck driver without access to a gym. I sent you a message on IG. Any tips would help. I appreciate all the videos from an OG bully.

  46. Oscar Williams

    Yeah do the smoothie video

  47. Nick J

    Would like a smoothie video sir, Please and Thank You!!!! Great content, you are a righteous dude I can tell and it shows in your videos, thanks bruh!!!

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