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  1. SarahBethYoga

    Hi Yogi! Add these top 3 yoga poses for low back pain relief to your regular practice, or just practice them within my 20 & 30 minute Yoga for Low Back Pain videos! ▶︎ YOGA FOR BACK PAIN PLAYLIST: http://bit.ly/SBYbackpain
    Try the 💙 HIPS SLOW STRETCH: http://bit.ly/25minHIPS

  2. mindy moore

    Instant relief from back pain. Thank you!

  3. ribbt mcabe

    Hi Sarah Beth, I love your channel and my biggest wish is for a video that focuses on the quadratus lumborum, which is the source of low back pain for a lot of people (and my personal biggest issue right now). I've found great resources online for the poses good for releasing this muscle, and it would be great to see you do a video incorporating them.

  4. WildPhotoShooter

    I've watched many yoga videos for back pain and these moves are helping. I'm using  rolled up towels under my lower back to  bend the spine the opposite way than its used to , this seems to be also helping.

  5. wahab zadeh

    just subscribed, so excited to start this stuff especially because of my lower back injury

  6. william dill

    Thanks please keep these helpful videos coming.

  7. Ani J

    I do bridge pose every day. It's the best.

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