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  1. PsycheTruth

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  2. Florence Linderman

    Joy, you're my new best friend. Thank you!! Love this video and I'm sure I'll try others.



  4. InLoveWith Jesus

    What's with the PSYCHETRUTH
    Be careful ladies .

  5. Ghen's Life

    too much talking

  6. abi johnson

    Oof I had to back out for a few seconds on the planks cause I have ~N O~ abs whatsoever but I’m gonna keep trying at it every day to get better!

  7. Ashley C

    I’m gonna do this everyday! I have so many hoe outfits to wear but this little muffin top is stopping me 😫

  8. Jacqueline Khoo Siok Hong

    👍Pilates 💓💓💓👏👏👏

  9. mohammed ismail

    I love u baby good effective exercise for impotence people

  10. Diana Viñanzaca

    I love Yoga

  11. Diana Viñanzaca

    Uhau very okey good exercices

  12. Gabriel Lee

    And 16:29to 17:23

  13. Gabriel Lee

    And 15:14 to 15:47

  14. Gabriel Lee

    I love 14:02 to 14:34 looks amazing

  15. Mike Fleming

    Wo ooooooooooooooow ❤💓💕💖💗💙💚💛💜💜💝👏 💘💋💋 💞💟 easy hat might tack me a few days

  16. Alexia Hamer

    wanna thank u so much it burns lol

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    Nice message

  18. jon Neat

    What an absolute beautiful woman! Joy, you are truly blessed from head to perfect toe!

  19. beautiful love

    This isn't a twerk video 😂😂😂

  20. Erika Lopez

    Best lower abs workout!!….you are the BEST😍

  21. Marie-France CHARLES

  22. Selecia Browning

    I have a big butt so I'm trying 2 get fit but I get leg cramps when I work out what can I do 2 prevent this does any one have a segregation

  23. Annabel Cabiara

    Sexy body

  24. Saiiew Sarana

    Wowwwwww, I like…thank you 😘

  25. Oishee Bhattacharjee

    How to engage the whole body especially the core ?

  26. assertyourself

    I never would’ve thought hip bridges and back bends could slim the waist

  27. Yuvraj Ahuja

    Thankyou Mam

  28. chocolate.chocolate Chocolate.chocolate

    For a women joy is having a flat belly

  29. Erica Norwell

    Det är inte bra att lyfta ryggen så högt i dina övningar, så att du svankar, det påverkar mest bara svanken. Du ska endast lyfta rumpan tills du är i en rak linje då tar det rätt på kroppen

  30. Aniket Wakure

    Men can do it as well?

  31. castle women


  32. student1993 10

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  33. Shabir Ahmed


  34. M . Wells

    Great job 👍🏻thank w😘

  35. Martin De Beer

    Im in my 4th day with plank exercises and i can feel it working

  36. Martin De Beer

    You're beautiful and have a sexy body

  37. Teresinha Da Silva Santos

    muito bom,fiz junto com vc.

  38. salim djawhara

    شباب لفيزو تاعها

  39. Nury Raya


  40. บัณณารส สายแก้ว


  41. Nazrul Islam

    Thanks. It is so easy and works on whole muscle.

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