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  1. JayChan

    My only regret in life is that I'm too young for Tracee Ellis Ross lol

  2. Adelaide McMillan

    That was so cheerful and fun and inspiring, even to this white middle-aged woman. Thank you for the smiles.

  3. creolefemme1

    We have the same hair and the way she explains her journey fits mine to a T.

  4. Neya Johnson

    Just hearing her talk about our hair, using our terms, just made me feel so proud, seen, and beautifully represented…thank you!!!

  5. Cora-lee DeStorey

    I feel aaaaallll of that!#naturally

  6. Green Orchid

    If you live in homogeneous, African, falls in your face cultures hair will be different and a focus😎

  7. dee MAVERICK

    My son, now 43 years old, came home from grade school one day and said that he wanted his hair to move like Christopher H's (white child). I got out the hot comb and pressed his hair. He was wearing his hair long in the top and tapper sides already. He loved it and I did it for him until he stop asking me to.

    My baby was so adorable……then.

  8. Hueiblack

    Every non-Caucasian person in America needs to watch this. Thank you Ms. Ellis-Ross for the blessings. ✌🏾❤️

  9. Slpsa Slpsa

    I love her eye shadow, mermaid vibes 🧜🏽‍♀️

  10. Dopa Trucka

    Why has no one wifed this woman?

  11. Peter Chad Henniker

    This woman is on fire. She's so awesome.

  12. Jose Fabian

    Shes amazing, her personality is 😍🙌🏽🙌🏽

  13. supersmex

    Trevor with curls would be chefs kiss good.

  14. Chibi_93

    I wanna see Trevor with long hair.

  15. Fluffy Suga Kookies

    I cut my hair last month so I could go natrual

  16. Robert Polkamp

    Wash she wearing a robe?

  17. Mazwi Mabika

    this lady is lovely and extremely inteligent

  18. Persiansweetcat1

    She is soooooo beautiful

  19. Carole Knoles

    As a white person with straight slick hair, I look at that glorious big curly hair with envy.

  20. Nayatha D

    She got me excited about hair products….

  21. Rethabile Koatla

    I really enjoyed this joyous exchange between two beautiful people 💕

  22. Yongama Sifuba

    I think a lot of Black folks while we were kids wanted straightened, long-ish hair. Didier Drogba (Chelsea and Ivory Coast legend) relaxed his hair lol, also the AC Milan and Senegal player (forgot his name).
    [Football/soccer players]

  23. FitnessVigouR

    She is so lovely ❤️ 💕

  24. DemonDarakna

    Thank you for bringing awareness to such problems (as with hair). As a white person, I know I have it easy when it comes to hair, that expecially black people have problems with theirs, but you know these little anacdotes about school, about products, really bring life to those problems and help us understand.

  25. Faith Nkatha

    Whe are these products to arrive in Kenya? Way to go, Tracee Ellis Ross!

  26. Marion Sousa Graça

    Her eyeshadow is cute, and hair talk is cute too, but I really wanted to a discussion more focused on Mixed-ish and it's main problem, because de all know that Black-ish already is Mixed-ish.

  27. Daria Brutus

    Where can I buy this stuff Tracee my hair needs it!!!

  28. Cathleen Baldwin Maggi

    Interesting how much she connects with her hair. My roommate always straightened her hair and once I went with her and her aunties, mom, sister, and cousins to a water park. We did a ride that got all of our hair wet. Now, I am a very curly haired white girl and I couldn't believe that these ladies – actually 3 of the 8 stayed at the park with me – their hair got wet and they had to leave. After this event, we had a serious talk. I let her know I would never let the environment dictate what I could do. No white girl would. She went natural and has never gone back. I am so proud of her. Embrace your hair for what it is. My dad and his sisters actually have very tight afros… yes red-haired afros! My hair is very curly now that I don't distress it with blow dryers, curling or straight irons and the like. Embrace your natural beauty and quit trying to make your hair what it isn't. Let it be wild if it is wild… and I advise you to let your spirit do the same!

  29. BDet313

    Lol, but you so could afford it Trevor.

  30. Ryk Son

    03:32 that's why we need to step up our locks game and our Afro game!! African curls and hair is really great and versatile!!!!!

  31. Akiru's Lab


    He got me again.

    Thought Trevor was serious about the gifts under the seat…

  32. Michael Hoerig

    We have many colors, but there's only ONE race!

  33. LadysavagexXxX

    I’m not mixed, I don’t watch Blackish or Grownish, but for some reason I really wanna watch Mixed-ish while I steam my hair. 😂

  34. Miss Candace

    The only perfect circle in nature…a coil of African (and all her descendants) hair…the ONLY PERFECT 360 degree circle found in nature.

  35. Boing Boing

    Hey Trevor when we see a comment on ongoing Black Racist Attacks in South Africa against Nigerians? Asking for a Friend who things only whites can be racist.

  36. Liliana Soares

    You got me this time.

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