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  1. Sewisi

    Loving your new beauty guru faucet okey girrrl 😏🙌❤️

  2. 44 Clan

    Wear the hair on next stream

  3. 44 Clan

    Luv the tye dye

  4. Tyler Hernandez

    It looks soooo gooooddddd

  5. 44 Clan

    I just keep refreshing ur channel 4 a new vid and then i fall a fucking sleep! Anyway luv u samantha u look so cute

  6. Darren Thorborg

    The pallet is awsome I probs spelled that wrong

  7. Jay Bird

    my queen 😭😭

  8. kaitlin

    The whole first five minutes of this vid my shmacked ass was thinking about how I felt like you were too and I was right 😂😂😂also ur makeup application is so bomb

  9. nesty dumaicos

    I love you my idol

  10. Dzyen Reed

    How do you do your sideburns? I can't manage this shit lol!

  11. Dzyen Reed

    I like your eye shadow.

  12. Ellie Adams

    Going to try some makeup i think!

  13. JunJun Camacho

    Love it

  14. Just Ray Carson

    Good job 😊

  15. #sa8die Marley

    soo nice, luv you!!💜💙❤️💛💚💜

  16. T B

    Everything in the palette looks bomb on you.

  17. Dean White

    I like the left side better

  18. T B

    I thought that was a paint fan brush for a minute 🥴😂

  19. Lewis Penny

    Wow that's really cool. I really need to get into makeup

  20. Richard Morehouse

    With or without you still look gorgeous

  21. Jessica Rodriguez

    Foundation too dark the house

  22. Saniya Parris

    Girllllll wow you bought that!!…. I thought about it… But naw! You slayyyyyy the eye shadow colors tho!! Check me out!..❤️

  23. steve scott

    Hi hoe, I gotta say you’re gorgeous. I’d smash ya. Lol

  24. Nessa Gorr

    I would love to smoke and hang out with you! You seem like a girls girl and the world needs more of you. Lol

  25. Shaniah Alvarez

    I need to copy ur makeup look

  26. Shaniah Alvarez

    Love you, so cute

  27. Bree Speakles

    Girl your makeup is so flawless I am so jealous what kind of makeup products do you use give me some tips😉😊💖 plus I go to beauty school clothes it's amazing your makeup is awesome not like mine when I'm like totally messing up every morning and not getting ready for Beauty School I am not the best makeup artists I'm still learning even though beauty school is the best thing to get makeup done but people professionally get my makeup done every day when I go see my friends when I go to Beauty School

  28. jeremy

    Do a makeup thing like this, but do it on a diagonal line. I am just a gentleman who likes your videos, so its only an idea. Artistic?

  29. Antonio Cruz

    Beautiful ❤️

  30. New World Order

    Samantha is 1st class.

  31. Paula D

    okay but so much unnecessary packaging for that tiny palette 😭😭😭

  32. Oliver Obispo


  33. Eoin Clarke

    Love it. You’re beautiful and I love your tshirt

  34. Confuse _Squid

    Yasss !! Slay that blush ✨ you’re an inspiration Samantha 💚

  35. MINE mine


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