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  1. Jessy Fereira

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  2. Romelia Polly

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  3. Senim Zitro

    I was diagnosed with Herniated Disc and was given an Epidural Injection and it has been already 2 weeks and I haven't found any relief yet especially getting up from bed every morning. My hamstring and buttocks hurt tremendously when I sit down and use the toilet. please any advice will be appreciated. Thank you.

  4. Tim Jopling

    Hi Mark I do some gentle stretching 10-20 minutes after I get up each day. What you were saying about the discs absorbing nutrients, when should I do my stretching where I work full time in an office? Thanks!

  5. vance idiens

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  6. Piloto de Caça

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  7. Piloto de Caça

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    Best regards from Brazil

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