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  1. Siddheshwar Patil

    Cancer result of 4th stage patient without chemo

  2. Aizik Garcia

    You doctors make me sick you know we have the cure but it’s much more profitable if we don’t pathetic doctors grow some balls

  3. Bald Lady

    In Germany we get automatically every year a pap test because our health insurance PAYS the test.
    The health insurance system in America is shameful.

  4. Ravi Chandran

    Please visit utube and type
    cancer treatment in Mettupalayam

  5. Jaime Watts

    I’ve been told my colposcopy test was Mildly abnormal and last yr it was more abnormal. No treatments not needed ..no sign of cancer. I’ve had one done this past week so I’m waiting on the results. I’ve been having pain / bleeding in between periods in the past . Ive told my Dr. I’ve been told I shouldn’t worry about anything.

  6. Diana Isaiah

    please i have cervical cancer,can you treat me by sending the name of medcn.

  7. Pickle Rick

    Is it normal your Oncologist not to know what stage cancer you have? Or say it's been treated… or wait nope its come back, and its stage 2… oh and since we messed up your kidneys are holding liquid and we have to drain them… oh now that we drained them we find out that you have a "Mass" Cancer and we cant treat it because we already did all we could, and you won't be able to have the rest of the cancer treated because of your kidneys and so the cancer will grow rapidly and soon it will be stage 4 and you will die!

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