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  1. Abu Hajr

    Yeah this sounds a lot like my story. Been on a high carb fruit diet for about 2 weeks now coming from SAD diet as well as low carb. I find most forms of protein dense foods to flare IBS. My theory is the body creates food intolerances to mostly only proteins. Drinking tons of huge smoothies and fruit mono meals has given me 2 solid bowel movements per day once in the morning once midday or evening without fail.

  2. Hannah Kingsman

    Since testing this acid reflux disorder treatment “gοwοzο raka” (Gοοgle it), my life is back to normal just like I never had a health condition. As we talk I seriously feel wonderful and at the peak of my own health and wellbeing. My physique is filled with energy and also alive. The symptoms I had are all disappeared, like they weren`t with me.. .

  3. Heather White

    I put on weight after my dog died very unexpectedly in June last year. I put it down to not walking as much, but it could have been grief.

  4. Vincent Louis

    Thank you for sharing this, I'm 19 and have just started a new job and am really struggling (symptoms began about a year and a half ago, I went plant based a few months after the symptoms started and eat very cleanly, my acid re flux originally went away but its come back now (about two weeks ago) out of the blue and im finding it so difficult to get through things, it makes me so sad that my body is not getting better. I dont know what else I can do, I eat so cleanly, I eliminated gluten, all of the stuff mentioned. I could really use your advice if you could offer it x

  5. valerie joyce

    Thank You Jesse ✨🌷✨

  6. Kirsten Carlton

    Something interesting you mentioned…diatamatious earth I use to put this in my smoothies not every day but on and off anyway last year I vomited up half a litre of blood ended up in hospital they gave me an endoscopy but found nothing I'm just curious now and wonder if it was the de

  7. Kirsten Carlton

    Sorry about your fur baby I totally understand I don't have kids but I have three cats which are our babies

  8. Kirsten Carlton

    Stress can do all sorts of things to the body and stop many doctors have said to me it has nothing to do with it b.s. I say

  9. Thank me later

    Sleep on your left side for 3 days and you will see magic. Lay to your left when you feel the reflix. 3 days doing this my 6 months acid reflux is gone and I eat like a pig again.

  10. S B

    Hi Jesse, did you ever had a root canal?

  11. Daniel Santeford


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