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  1. B K

    I tried everything. And like you Drew, acupuncture was one of the last things.
    One visit, I am not sure what happened, but I went into anaphylaxis after the visit and I had to go to the er.

  2. B K

    Talk about chronic pain.
    I have chronic pain for 6 years now. And even the opoid pain meds do not help. PTSD, depression, Generalized anxiety.
    Along with 20 additional diagnosis.

  3. TauraCasanova

    I have chronic lower back pain, and I feel that teary-eyed moment so hard.

  4. Shelley Battistoni

    waiiiiiiiiit…. you got your sense of smell back? HOLY SHIT…. I need to go back and have more treatment done because I lost my sense of smell after I was healed of the neck pain from use of those nasal swabs that stop colds…. Drew…. when I was going through my last treatment for my neck, I was laying there in the dark quiet room and suddenly I started bawling.. it was like all this bad chi was oozing out of the top of my head. I thought about some horrible things that I went through as a child and young adult… it was like a great release of mental pain. The doctor said that our bodies hold onto pain because that's what it's come to know as permanent and it's hard to let the physical pain go because of a mental block. Once its unlocked, the physical pain can leave. I am a total believer in Eastern medicine.

  5. Shelley Battistoni

    well…. it was worth a shot… you never know until you try something. Doesn't work for everyone but it did cure me of chronic daily neck pain / headaches

  6. K

    He gave you kratom 😂

  7. Depresso Espresso

    Stella sleepy is so cutee

  8. BB Cake

    Amazing!- did you keep going to him?

  9. Katelyn Whitaker

    I have ehlors Danlos. My joints consistently dislocate especially my shoulders knees ankles and hips so that causes ALOT of chronic pain. At this point I’m so use to popping stuff back in it’s socket when I do it in public I get the craziest looks

  10. Thumper

    Acupuncture worked for my migraines too. It’s truely amazing

  11. Joelle Hosette

    It does work. So does reiki secession.

  12. Juliet Boone

    ok i already loved ur chanel but the fact that u listen to florence + the machine makes u WAY better

  13. AnimeUtaku 2000

    If your heart is bugging you go see to a cardiologist!

  14. Cynical

    I just want to hug you all the time

  15. Amanda Jenn

    I had the same reaction after leaving the chiropractor for the first time. I use to get horrible head aches where the whole right side of my head would hurt and I my jaw would lock and I would get an ear ache. I woke up one morning and couldn't move my neck so my boyfriend called his chiropractor and made me an appointment I went in there and within 10 minutes he not only told me what was wrong but that i don't have to live like this any more. I cried when I got in the van because here I was getting MRI's of my brain looking for tumours and all I had to do was stretch my levator scapulae

  16. Pat Greene

    You need to do more singing Vlogs again. They were great!

  17. Paul Delgadillo

    Drew, admit it, Stella is your number one pain reliever. Since I'm an LA native, I know that acupuncture is really big around here, several medical insurance plans cover it and the biggest area for this is around the Alhambra/Monterey Park area of LA County….After the appointment, a trip to one of the hundreds of great Asian food restaurants with Stella would've been great.

  18. Miss Lucid Dreams

    Acupuncture helps with chronic depression? 🤔

  19. MotherBear Taylor

    Maybe I should try acupuncture. How is your arm now?

  20. April Wendelgast

    I must find an acupuncturist asap

  21. Julie Shirley

    I love the acupuncturist! He's so much!!! I usually fall asleep before he gets all the needles in.

  22. Maree Dunn

    You beautiful man.

  23. Skydreamer42

    I wonder what's in those pills.

  24. space kid

    6:36 I wanted to hug him SO MUCH

  25. ariella SUCKA

    So did he get his heart checked out?

  26. Queen Lastlight

    So glad you got relief. I hope it stays that way.

  27. Elisabeth Johnson

    I think that guy was full of shit cuz he said you’re not getting enough oxygen to your heart but you actually die if any oxygen gets to your heart it’s called an air embolism and it blocks your blood flow

  28. Rachelle Stotler

    I love how Stella is sleeping on his shoulder and how she is so unimpressed with everything 😂😂😂

  29. Dee H.

    I wonder, if there are certain vowels/sounds that Drew struggles with more than others.

  30. Grumpy Mouse

    I wonder what kind of herbs he got

  31. CassTeaElle

    Aw, Drew 🙁 that moment at 7:00 got me. I totally know how you feel. I have a chronic skin condition, and thank the Lord I have finally found a semi-reliable solution, but man, it is soooo emotionally overwhelming when you are having chronic pain or discomfort, especially when it's sort of an invisible problem that people around you dont fully understand. I remember several times having that exact same emotional breakdown, being grateful for relief but also terrified that it's not going to last and that I'm going to be this way for the rest of my life. I do sincerely pray for complete healing in your arm, and in the meantime, hopefully acupuncture is an option that you can continue every once in a while for at least some temporary relief. <3

  32. CassTeaElle

    Omg Stella at 2:55. My heart! She is so dang cute.

  33. StuckInTheLazyCorner Again

    Can i just say…Drew in a beanie 😍

  34. Depresso Espresso

    6:36 who else's eyes expanded into hearts right then like they do in the movies? Nope just me, great, no competition!

  35. Just Me

    I love the way Stella lays her head on your shoulder
    I have a service dog “Duchess”, and she climbs up on me and snuggle and uses her front legs to hug me tight

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