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  1. francisco aguirre

    Does this work? Honest answer? I am getting this treatment next week for my Lower back pain

  2. KDO 100

    His shirt tho… 😹

  3. Lewis Vogels

    U seem like a pretty cool dude man keep it up

  4. Josh Carver

    Caps or Flyers?

  5. SavedByTheBellend

    The Ginger Rock is back

  6. Señor Daveed

    Greats videos, keep up the good work. I was wondering if you can recommend a good chiropractor here in Houston TX/Deer park 77536 thanks.

  7. Tom Milton

    Hey, anything that chiropractic can do for shin splints?

  8. Bernarax Loesgeldt

    Your camera and that shirt don't go well together. It's flickering (for me).

  9. Ronnie Young


  10. Parx vlogs

    Watching ths while having the pain is surely something different. 😂FML

  11. Angiolo

    I don't know why but I love the Fast Start ad xD

  12. Euclid Chiropractic

    Great work doc! Would it be ok to train a massage therapist or a chiropractic assistant to perform TP therapy?

  13. oba femi

    Went to the chiropractor a week ago expecting something like this…….they sat me on shock therapy for 20 mins then did some bs correction on my neck -__-

  14. Dancho Stanchev Yordanov

    She is as tender as filet mignon 😉

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