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  1. Brenda Paduch

    well said! kidneys also detoxify you

  2. Jecykaaxo

    It’s called the keto diet lol . It’s just water weight and it’s happened to me several times while just starting

  3. Juicy Janelle

    She’s definitely METHING around here with these claims.

  4. Jorden Sanders

    The sweetener in g-fuel is maltodextrin, another fake sugar

  5. Rachel P

    Why can't people just eat actual food in appropriate quantities? Eat a balanced diet of fresh and whole foods, mostly or all plants. Use a fuck load of herbs and spices so your food tastes good. Give yourself 1 meal a week to eat anything you want. Exercise 30min-1hr 5-7 days a week. That's going to get you to and keep you at a healthy weight in the normal range. Supplements plus poor diet and lack of regular exercise may make you lose weight but you won't be healthy and you won't maintain it. And I AM a professional.

  6. vale

    i may or may not be the only one but ….

    kinda hot 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  7. Daniel Rittegar

    I can go 68 hours with out eating and still stay healthy

  8. Daniel Rittegar

    Please pin my coment

  9. Daniel Rittegar

    A 5,7 red head woman only weighed 75 pounds right after she turned 40 she gain healthy weight now shes 43 and weighs 110 115 pounds of all healthy sexy weight yes she thinks she can kick anybodys a in anything

  10. Daniel Rittegar

    I went 68 hours with out eating just by staying hydrated with my 600 feet deep well water now my friends wants to be just like me because I'm the best of the best

  11. Kara Hall

    Meth. That’s how she did it… meth.

  12. TheSperg

    People say meth is a pretty good product for weight loss, your mileage may vary….

  13. ellen s

    She said on a podcast recently they she was doing meth 🤷‍♀️

  14. Matthew Bjordahl

    Trisha is on meth

  15. Mitchy Sassi

    Magnesium citrate is the stuff they make you take before a colonoscopy. To empty your bowels, like, completely.


    The audio is very low

  17. Ana Ramiro

    I thought it was 5 days

  18. Reva Walker

    okay I'm done watching the video someone needs to explain to me how I lost 11 pounds in 2 days when I stop drinking dr. Pepper… I lost about 16 lbs during that week.

  19. Reva Walker

    FYI- YouTube is for entertainment purposes who cares if she lied… And whatever she's selling she's getting paid… Like u do for your videos. A lot celebs sell dumb shit ppl don't call them out.

  20. Reva Walker

    It was water weight … I've done it stopping pop/soda. I lost 11 in 2/3.

  21. Lilith Hatchett

    she also dances…i used to loose any weight i needed to in days dancing..its strenuous work

  22. Monkey Man

    Idk, I lost 12 lbs in two days, but food poisoning/botulism was involved & I had to be hospitalized, so yeah pretty extreme circumstances

  23. Cody Evans

    dude whats with your audio? my computer is at 100% volume the youtube video is 100% volume and i still cant even hear you

  24. Your Dad

    How to lose 200 pounds: cut off limbs and organs and sell them :3

  25. potpants

    is it just me or is this video really quiet

  26. Riah Gustine

    Your audio sucks

  27. Ellie Tso

    Trisha usually eats A LOT before starting her diets, so maybe that was the weight she lost the first two days (I think she even started keto). Of course the whole weight must be water weight but also actual food waste (you know, poop). Yeah, the supplements that she promoted ain’t healthy and I don’t think they really do anything to be fair, however disregarding her whole effort isn’t really nice….. like, Trisha seems healthier in general and I highly doubt this would help her

    (Also omg I sound like a trish stan, I’m not, I watch her like once a month, but yeah, this is just my opinion)

  28. Nelli Contreras

    Wait why are you attacking her right when she feels confident with her own progress? Its not effecting you or is her happiness effecting you? This is the only thing thats making her more stable and stay in order.

  29. Cara Henry

    I really love when u went more in-depth into niche communities( like that mortician society for humans on tumbler) or product ( like this) I hope I go more into this

  30. Tony Balony

    You are such a hater. Find something better to make a video about.

  31. Sara Renee

    Fiber should be considered a laxative I literally mix fiber powder with water when I can’t go lmao and one dose of magnesium citrate has made my stomach ache for daaaaaays

  32. Michael Roman

    Trisha Paytas is a fraud and a liar about everything.

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