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  1. Tae with Kookies n suga

    Ah now that i think about it…. Maybe
    Seojun is gonna be busy with the company and both jughyung and seojun will face aone problems
    Then seojun discovers her without make uo and suho returns maybe 😧🤔

  2. oh wow amazing

    Can you please repost ep 65? It's not available anymore. Pleasee. Thanks in advanced if you do. ❤

  3. Jillianna Sta.Maria

    Epsiode 71 plss!

  4. Suraiya's Activities

    Please do ep 71!!! I need Suho!!!!

  5. floor piss

    guys, if she left seojun for suho, wouldn’t that make her a player? and y’all are ok with hurting seojun 😭 it don’t make no sense!

  6. Kwon Byul

    And my heart is broken again after watching this.. Where are you now Suho? 😭😭😭 If Jugyeong doesn't like you anymore, just come to me..

  7. Son Rox

    It's temporary suho is coming back 😏😏 I know this twist of story its time to male lead appears.

  8. Karen Aragon

    I miss suho.. But if suho and jugyeong are not meant for each other, its better suho disappear forever , it hurts like hell 😕

  9. Ghq Hdh

    Next ep pleaseeeeee🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  10. londonstiletto

    Ep 71 pls

  11. Marielys Jn-Baptiste

    bruh, Seojun dont get your hopes up YA AINT OFFICIAL just temporary. thx for the update

  12. Angelina Martin

    OMG, I been waiting for this episode for 2 weeks and now your going to leave it off a cliff hanger? WwwwoooowwwW, plz make more episodes and episode 71!!!!

  13. one piec

    all three of them kinda look like jimin jungkook and jin

  14. Gayatri Brahma

    JugyeongXsuho shippers, where y'all at???

  15. Fathima Henna

    Will u please release 71 episodes and remaining episodes too please please

  16. Christina Skeletons

    OMG yasss queen

  17. vmin's babys

    I still like suho

  18. αlρнα мαявlє

    yes finally!

  19. Cristin alvarado

    Still sad that suho dose not date her im not sad 😭

  20. Cherry lady

    Ну и где же Сухо? Я с нетерпением ждала 70 главы, потому что ходили слухи что он там появится

  21. Glam girl

    Ep 71 plzzzz

  22. yamama almashkor

    Omg seojun is so adorable

  23. Shubhi Singh

    Thank u so much

  24. Mary Lalhriatkimi Vuangtuchung

    After a week…….😆 thank you😘

  25. Alisha Hassan


  26. Dechen Kapoor

    I love you
    Thank you for finally quinching our thirst

  27. Jam Salvador

    Episode 71 pls thank you ♥️

  28. Sarah Gallart

    Who do you think he sings like? Demash?

  29. Adina Siddiqui


  30. Renu Singh

    Finally 🤩🤩🤩 thank you so much 😘😘

  31. Farhana Azizah

    I clicked as soon as i can after seeing your video notification pop up 😌😌😌 waiting for ep 71

  32. Farah Bin

    First ☺😆

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