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  1. yOu gOt nO jAms V

    Also for people wondering when will I upload episode 42 ~ I’m thinking of uploading it Thursday or Friday cause I still have to translate and today I’m gonna be busy so I’ll try uploading it tomorrow 😀 thanks for being patient with me and HERE IS EPISODE 40 which is better cause you can actually see the texts , I’ll try making the next videos good it’s just takes time since when I record it stops go no reason :c


    Nooooo.. Stop this nonsense ur spoiling it

  3. Lunar the lunatic

    The grammar here is kinda bad not going to lie.

  4. Skinny Legend

    Hello can I translate it ?

  5. Shoto Todoroki G

    Could u add some music because it’s actually boring like this sorry but I feel that way and like calm music by the way.please don’t hate me


    why do i feel like this is fake

  7. SkinCareProve

    I appreciate the details on your video. Thank you.

  8. yOu gOt nO jAms V

    I’m thinking about updating every Wednesday or Friday

  9. xRelayzzz

    stg thought he had a stub arm😂

  10. xRelayzzz

    This was really good and I'm so happy u did this, but some of it was a little hard to understand but I got through, do u translate them yourself?

  11. yOu gOt nO jAms V

    For anyone wondering how I record I use my phone but on this one I used my computer and it’s better cause I can actually take my time and record slowly. For you guys to understand today or tomorrow episode 42 put

  12. PinkPrincess Jin

    I love ppl like u who save thousand lives😭😭💕💕

  13. love from taekook

    When you uploads EP 42 ?????? I am waiting 😭😭😭😭

  14. Din Din

    Hey, it's better. Thanks <3

  15. yOu gOt nO jAms V

    I’m sorrry for making it 30 minutes and being slow I just tried my best because the last video you couldn’t see the texts , I’m sorry if it’s so slow . Next time it’s gonna be better ! Episode 42 gonna be tomorrow since a lot of stuff happening at home 🙁 subscribe for more

  16. Gacha Army

    42 pls

  17. Meya Loraine


  18. V Min Kook Stan

    6:06 don't do this ;-; i don't know who to ship anymore ;-; Btw Thank you for this video!!! I really appreciate it 😄

  19. Creatively Ava

    Okay I get that you’re not trying to go fast but seriously? The video is 30 minutes and should only be about 10-15

  20. Meow 24


  21. Krysteljoy Cataos


  22. Lily flores

    Why is it called the secret of angel if it’s called true beauty ???

  23. Jungkook's wink at the end of GO GO

    you are soo awesome thankssss <3

  24. Skinny Legend


  25. Afeefa Sultan

    Ohh my u r awesome tysm 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️

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