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  1. The Damage Report

    What are your thoughts on the Trump administration’s contributions (if any) to cancer research? Leave a comment below.

  2. Sable Burden

    Boy has Tru the fuck tard never been to Kentucky. I swear hear it's like we grow that shit here.

  3. conrad cappwell

    Yeah I have a cure for the worst Cancer in America!! Vote Trump and his henchmen out of office…

  4. Evan

    Eradicating wind?

  5. Gail Beterbide

    Regardless, in my experience with my husband who succumbed to leiomyosarcoma, the best treatment for such is the Coley (an American doctor) treatment. Do the research and find out that the treatment was outlawed in the US in the sixties because its basis is developed by bacteria, and, as we all can conclude, one cannot get a PATENT on bacteria. Let that sink in, folks. BIG PHARMA owns cancer "treatments".

  6. MosesBad

    And how many cancer petients offed themselves before throwing themselves or their families in debt forever?

  7. Terry Petersen

    One contributing factor in lower cancer rates is early detection. Such as pap smears and mammograms. Well folks I have a feeling those are going to show a sharp increase. Since this administration has decided to cut funds to Planned Parenthood. Considering in 2018 pap smears mammograms, and other cancer screenings totaled over 1.1 million for low income persons.

  8. Nilguiri

    Cancer? Just stay away from windmills, folks.

  9. Matthew McDonald

    Thank the legalisation of medical cannabis, not fucking trump, guy is cancer it's self..

  10. Ben Coomer

    Not pushing for Medicare for All doesn't help. Early detection and being able to treat people is probably helpful…

  11. Edward MacLennan

    Cancer death rate has declined. Because so many are dying from opioids.

  12. Gale Memee of 6

    Cancer drops probably from people quitting smoking and early detection from testing that is recommended and done by certain age groups.

  13. ronald lucero

    He also created a faster than light space ship,  And, he discovered how to create a nuclear fusion reactor….Proof positive this lying POS is a buffoon!

  14. Conny Bartels

    nsane just insane that's Drumpf. I would almost wish Trump get an awful type of cancer and that he suffers bigly.

  15. Benjamin Romberg

    He puts claims on curing cancer but doesn't put the work into it just like anything else, always taking credit from other people and doesn't have a clue how they achieved they're goal, but hey he did it.

  16. UsernamesForDummies

    I truly, deeply hate that man. He disgusts me on a level I didn’t know existed, or should I say “the world has ever seen”?

  17. Ken Tinman

    Your "pro life" con party people.

  18. Jonathan Kinney

    He has the answers but he’s holding them back until he gets dirt on Biden.

  19. HighFlyingEYE

    thats because that man has a fuckin answer for everything even when it makes him look llike a tit

  20. riffle queen

    Coming from the Cancer of all cancers!

  21. Thom Parkin

    We will see more Full Moons this calendar year than in the past half-century.
    Dufus Trump will claim credit for that !!

  22. bite me

    You mean to tell me that wind mills don't cause Cancer. Well I never 😂🤣

  23. BrainToMush

    However, cancer rates overall are increasing markedly.

  24. Leroy Ashley

    This guy is pure pure pure evil incarnate.

  25. Bung Hole

    Just when you think Don can’t get any lower!

  26. Andrew Hoye

    Trump probably thinks cancer is a breed of dog.

  27. Toasted Cheeseburger

    Trump Is Cancer

  28. Jeannette Johnson

    The government has the cure for cancer. All you need is money.

  29. daveapplemotors

    If Obama cured cancer tRump would bring it back.

  30. Praeliora T

    Trump loves cancer care so much he started a charity for kids with cancer, then stole from it to buy a portrait of himself.. New York High Court ordered him to pay back $2 million last month.

  31. Bryan Taylor

    Gomer Trump should have answers. He IS a Cancer!

  32. Donna Brown

    Stay away from windmills. Lol

  33. Travis Stultz

    Because less people are dying from cancer doesn't mean less people are getting cancer. A cure wouldn't be profitable. If a cure was found, I'm not sure it would be made available. Your only hope is to prevent it.

  34. M C

    Alas far as Trumpty knows, there’s probably a nap for that.

  35. fathertedsmate

    Donald made the statement while drinking diet coke lmao


    ''Denies climate change.."' do some research instead of parroting the mainstreammedia dude….

  37. Warren Bennett

    Pricks hardly ever die from cancer. Trump’s gonna be around for eons. Oh, the inhumanity of it all.

  38. TL Rogers

    Liar Drumpf Joffrey, giving false hope again. #LOCKTRUMPFAMILYUP

  39. David Renwick

    Never mind curing cancer. How about curing that disease that causes guys to wear hats indoors. Be warned that if you defend this I shall wear cricket pads.

  40. Robert Gilson

    Ask yourself if you are in a cult. And would you know if you are

  41. Wes Oss

    Well look at cigarette usage it was extremely popular when it firat came out witch began years anf generations to start dieing from smoking related injury/death. Ok then people began to relaize so smoking becane less popular. Then government started restricting it so usage went down and cancer went down as well. Ok so yea just look at the numbers. I bet they are the same as the decline in cigarette usage.

  42. wakeup people

    Should have put a dose on his brain, maybe his brain will grow back.

  43. Margaret Chen

    Is this man really worthy the title President of USA??

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