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  1. Al Wilson

    This dude has not been funny since my last glass of tap water.

  2. lolazozo .loz

    Stupid robots

  3. pumba16b

    jersey shore, joke very fresh and original, NOT!

  4. Le Trop Chiant

    Well, the human body generates a huge amount of infrasound by itself and depending on the organ the frequency changes. Nature doesn't waste anything. We know that our organs could react to infrasound and some are more sensitive than the other. So if each organ in the body is listening to the other to work optimally, long exposure to external infrasound would probably cause unbalance in the human body. And specially while spleeping.

  5. Kaity Lowe

    Trump causes cancer lol

  6. big D

    Trump is actually funnier than your show.

  7. Connie Barnes

    Seth is so darn funny.

  8. Hawaiian Lion

    Fake News – He didn't say that

  9. The bolshevik beverage

    Wind turbines cause cancer and damage stuff.
    But we should start using coal a lot more cause that's good.
    The logic of trump and his tards

  10. Chris Redfield

    This just in, nobody knows how to take a fucking joke lol

    It's like people are still so upset he won that they hold onto every word he says. You're more obsessed than his actual supporters.

  11. J Richo

    The title is fake like most of the propaganda from the left

  12. WildwoodClaire1

    Wind turbines make about as much noise as a refrigerator. And there is no evidence that wind turbines lower property values, but the best way to avoid the possibility is to not build wind farms near existing housing and not build new housing near wind farms. That's easily dealt with via zoning regulations. How much noise does a pumpjack make, BTW? And how much are property values affected by oil spills at pumpjacks? And finally, has the president ever heard of batteries? And for the record, feral and domestic cats, lighted communication towers, windows, power lines, pesticides, and cars kill hundreds of millions of birds every year, whereas wind turbines kill a few thousand. The cancer claim is too stupid to bother replying to.

  13. Ingrid Bergstrom

    Idiotic lefty nonsense

  14. majority rules

    Sound vibrations in the subaudible frequency range have been proven to cause a cardiac response. This can cause anxiety, sleep deprivation and a general reduction in ones quality of life. So he's not far off. But there are a lot of things which can cause subaudible sounds which affect us physiologically, such as railroads, electric appliances, fans, and of course wind turbines. To preserve and protect our quality of life comprehensive zoning laws regarding sound need to be reviewed.

  15. Jaguar Rose

    Uncle Touchie

  16. David Edwards

    Actually, Joe Biden is right. What was acceptable 10 years or more ago may not be acceptable now. But what is happening is, people are bringing up events that happened up to 40 years ago, but want to have them judged and treated by today's standards.
    Well, sorry people, it doesn't work like that. If something happened to yo 40 years ago and you have lived with it all this time, I think you have missed the opportunity to complain now.
    Of course, the person who is being complained about may not have has money back then!!!

  17. bjfdog

    Children and young adults, look closely at Trump Nazis. These men are out to take away your freedoms and happiness. There is no love here. There is only of hate and fear. Do not follow this crazy cruel man or his followers. He is leading people down a terrible violent path. He is a liar. He is a cheater. He is a thief. He is incapable of caring for other people. Pray for his demise. This is your final warning.

  18. Gaming4evah

    Hey Donald, that is not how cancer works. Sincerely, a cancer survivor.

  19. Nothing Less Than Epic


  20. ActionMovieFreak

    Lemur jokes really bad

  21. randomperson8571

    Seth your entire first sentence could have just been its own joke lmao xD

    Edit: Also, that was an amazing Lord of the Rings joke

  22. I Like Waffles

    This dude is really fuckin bad at this

  23. Toni Watkins

    He is a terrorist cancer

  24. Nicolas Broszky

    Ladies and gentlemen, the clown is doing his thing now, soon Pelosi will bring in the talking otter.

    Becaue that is ALL the US is now, a fucking joke.

  25. Johnny Shabazz

    Gave you a 'like' for the courthouse/daughters joke; took it back for the 'lemur' joke. 😉

  26. Broken Fiction

    Love Seth and his Dad Jokes… lol

  27. Phillip Lopez

    We are witness to a Presidential disintegration !

  28. Jonathan Palacios

    🇺🇸 Employers beware these elite colleges/university most NOT be accredited for top employment. Business owner if you do hire only based on which school the human attended you will never reach your true business potential or be the next trillionaire. Is the only reason these humans get top education because of money in the United States?? If we the people ignore true justice in matters like these we will never find the cure to death and time travel. For a chair meant for the next Albert Einstein or Jeff Bezos will go to the laziest ticket one that doesn't appreciate education one that just paided for it. GodBless Earth! 🇺🇸

  29. hobbicles28

    Now regarding the “5D” porn experience in Amsterdam.

    A few months ago I was sent a ticket to “pre-screen” this movie going experience and I was truly amazed at the realism.

    Now, the issue is not about the realism of the “5D” porn experience.
    Because it was great and highly education.

    Rather the issue is about the experience of a “choose your own happy ending”.

    Now the experience is much like “Black Mirror-Bandersnatch” only for legal reasons they retitled it
    “Jack Mirror-BaldingSnatch.”

    Now because there are an infinite amount of “endings” it’s much more dystopian than the original Netflix tv show.

    Now I had to sign hundreds of legal forms and paper work so I can not reveal much.

    However, I would caution you to treat this Sex-diferous XXX-adventure like you would a “Gallagher” performance.

    Because there is “prop” comedy, more watermelon smashing and just like a “Gallagher” show, for the conclusion , everyone is covered with some unknown sticky substance.

    Now Heed the following:
    Unless you desire a psychotic break from reality, while being more aroused than ever before, which could cause months of inpatient therapy and hourly doses of Thorazine that would kill Nikki Sixx, Ozzy Osbourne and Keith Richards combined, don’t ingest LSD, Mushrooms, Phencyclidine or Ketamine before or during the show.

    Because during these performances a K-hole may simply, easily and naturally turn into an arousing hell-hole very quickly.

    Har har



  30. Anonymous User

    Wind turbines cause cancer? LMFAO!!! What next….oxygen causes autism? Because if so Trump has the biggest case of excessive oxygen in the history of the universe!

  31. TK O

    The basis of all comedy is pain. That is why cancer-causing-windmills is painful. As this represents the total insanity of Trumpenstein's monstrous-minion supporters. Who suspend reality and relinquish any rational discernment of the information Trumpanzees ingest via suppository. Buy the movie Soylent Green. Americans in general are poisoned with heavy-metals, formaldehyde, radiation, PCBs; and infected with Toxoplasma gondii. It is the addition of pesticide-poisoning to the Americaca toilet. Which produces Trumpzilla and his reptilian, MAGA-HAT-WEARING

    This is why when The Giant “Oringes” Sphincter says windmills cause cancer. His minions, who are also totally chemically insane, accept 1 + 1 = 9 as reality. Is does not matter that there are 60 million of these deranged lunatics. They must either all be processed into Soylent Green this year. Or dragged before My newly formed Sanity Courts. Where all 60 million of Trumpzilla's reptilian spawn; will be found to be an Issac Asimov DE-evolved “Not-Human”; which means their right to vote and to own weapons of any kind. Is stripped away. FOREVER!

  32. noisettes choco

    Trump is excellent at creating constant distractions so that that his puppet masters can pass their Capitalist Imperialist legislation.

  33. Jim Morgan

    Solar panels give you aids!

  34. Black Rose

    Does this show have a live audience?

  35. Porzerjunge

    Please, Trump must have a 2nd time in the white House…

    Its a big comedy show

  36. Steve B

    Dude get some new original material. All you left wing hacks have become a lynch mob in lockstep. So not funny.

  37. darkashtar

    Seth Meyers you are a comedic gift to all mankind.

  38. brian hutchinson

    I would just like to ask how much are you paying the crowd to laugh at your jokes.

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