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  1. daviesann4

    The most accurate review on the tube! I had the exact same thing happen, so I tried the powder and concealer separately, honey, they do not work together! However, separately they work beautifully? Just saying 🌗

  2. Ivonne Valle

    I want to drink Red Bull, play with makeup and talk shit with Jeffree.

  3. Breanna Young


  4. Marie Arthur

    Is it better to place foundation before concealer or concealer before foundation?

  5. Royalchanel

    5:38 this is why I love jeffree.

  6. Jon Campos

    All hell no, she did not just burp like a sailor. LMAO!!

  7. Sarah LeMarier

    Jeffery and his boyfriend are couple goals. So sweet and adorable. ❤

  8. Marissa !!!!

    I get it set the shade

  9. 20timeStylebySarah

    11:12 *octagon moment

  10. Natalie Evelyn-Grace

    my shade is 150 😂😂

  11. Natasha Zaborski

    JEFREE I thought we where the same shade but I’m shade 100 and it’s practically my skin tone😂(sad but true)

  12. Moja Wynn

    Wtf! I was today years old when I realized I threw my topper out!!! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️😩😦

  13. cece tomate

    Souvenirs 😂

  14. Sho sh

    Hi how are ya 😂❤️

  15. Jay Savage

    Girl I needed this review. That 4k looked AMAZING !!!

  16. natalie merritt

    I’ve never used a setting powder with a color and seems to me setting powder should always be translucent

  17. wai333333 G


  18. wai333333 G


  19. Cassidy Rose Taylor

    Wow that highlight looks gorgeous in the sunlight. JSTAR having perfect bone structure helps though…

  20. majorly x

    7:28 lmao

  21. Jade Mark Malikdim

    hi idol

  22. Sapir Lus

    I fell in love 😍

  23. Lana Lily

    But I’m trying to look “not human” I LOVE IT

  24. Heather Husnu

    God I wish could get a facial with you 🕊️

  25. Nary Nouch

    I love the honesty. I LOVE my FENTY foundation. I appreciate that there’s no bias because it’s Rihanna’s line -but I do love RiRi. I also love the pricing honesty too 😘

  26. Brittany Davis

    The setting prob changed on the right eye because you used two diff concealers on that side?

  27. Scarlett

    Hello, I love your channel, beautiful …. I wanted to ask you if you would like to try the cosmetics YUYA, it is a Spanish speaking youtuber I would love to know what you think about your products … kisses and hugs ….👸🏻❤🦄

  28. Cnight Slayer

    Gay faget

  29. Jasmine Betancourt

    “And the other side with just Depression, anxiety, and fear 😂😂” omfg SAME 😂

  30. Onlytymewilltell

    I am fucking dying that Jeffree called her ass out for selling dollar brushes for 26$! " GIRL!!! THE UPSALE IS WILD!!!" LMAO talk about TEA SPILL!!!

  31. Sarah Donovan

    I'm a science nerd maybe one day I'll event a facial product you like… But I'm trying to be a medical aesthetician then an anesthesiologist cuz I love to study the skin!! Wanna make sure them lungs stay fresh too in a jiff, Jeff!!

  32. Sarah Donovan

    I like to post my stuff a couple of times. Just so it really sinks in… And so if anyone mean or stupid reads it, then they know, people care about you for being you!

    Your natural hair looks nice. You should do onion juice + aloe vera at the roots at night. It will grow faster!! Wanna see them locks of love!!

  33. Shada Hellara

    I bought the concealer in 120 and the setting powder in butter, and I wear the fenty foundation and primer, honnestly I moisturize a lot and I think it makes a real difference because my skin looks flawless. Anyway I agree with jeffree the brush is not good but with a powder puff and a more dense brush it's amazing

  34. kimilicious 1923

    All i know is that i love you and i love the you do things around. More power jeffreestar. 😘

  35. Wanda Rodriguez

    Ty for looking out for us the consumers. The brushes are to expensive. Like Jeffree said a sponge or a concealer brush everyone should have already is Good enough. No shade but I'm dieing to try Jeffries makeup. Wouldn't try fenty before Jeffries. I gotta watch my lil coins so I rather spend my money on Jeffries 💄
    Love you Jeffree❤🌈💄💋

  36. Jasmine Tapia

    When you burped lol you are my spirit animal. Love you dude

  37. Alexandra Yassin

    Who likes Jeffree likes his attitude as much like his beauty. His personality is crazy and this is why I love him so much he's shining from inside 🤟🌹😘😘

  38. Kiki Good

    I keep trying to break up with Jeffree, just stop listening to him because I really don't stand behind him…but God damn it he's fucking funny and knowledgeable

  39. Maneet Kaur - Lougheed MS (1486)


  40. Mia Brown

    wtf.jeffree is wearing adidas. i’m shookith

  41. Daniela Velazquez

    He’s so funny, subscribed ❤️

  42. Alex Branch

    …I threw the box away already so no top thing for me 😭

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