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  1. Julia Kopyeva

    I love your mom dude! She’s so fun!!

  2. Bella Beacher

    You guys have such a lovely relationship! I only wish me and my mum had the same, you both have me crying with laughter!😂

  3. Amber Dawn

    Those aren't black heads on your nose, they are filaments

  4. emily summerlin

    I literally love her

  5. Blaire Auger

    I love watching you and your mom. I don’t have that kind of relationship with mine so it warms my heart ❤️

  6. Cristalina Samymonts

    This video make me laugh so hard like you wouldn’t imagine

  7. Anne Boekelder

    Honestly, you could film a video of you and your mom doing laundry and I would still 100% watch it. You two are so much fun and I couldn't stop laughing 😂❤️

  8. Its Chean

    The 2nd product made me laugh so hard. 😂😂

  9. Samarah Juarez

    Yes do the month thing!!!

  10. Nikolaiwww

    hmm..we stopped marking the vid #ad when literally 3 minutes of this is an ad…and your mother falling is a gag…

  11. Amagail Zarrot

    I want Mama Maples' voice as a virtual assistant.. I would literally cease to have bad days!

  12. Miss Oliva

    & it just keeps getting better! lol

  13. Chey Chey

    A good video idea is a Q&A with mama maples

  14. Miss Oliva

    I'm 6 minutes and 15 secs in and can't stop laughing! I FRICKEN LOVE UR VIDEOS!

  15. fantastiv

    This video was way too funny 😁😁

  16. Ash Lopez

    I freakin looove your mom! if we were to meet I’d feel like I’d just crack the heck up with her cuz she laughs all the time which would make me want to laugh 😂🖤

  17. adrienna campos

    Please try the nose thing for a month! Save a lot of us a lot of money on a nose job 🤣

  18. Cat Pinto


  19. Eve Liang

    The chin thing for sure.

  20. lil weeaboo

    I've been crryyingggggg😂 I love you guys so much

  21. Amagail Zarrot

    Fabulous, that is all 😂

  22. brooke hester

    we don’t like her we LOVE HER

  23. Crystal Jeanveau


  24. Lauren Renee

    imagine playing speak out with the lips!!!

  25. Melody Nanney

    I want a Mama Maples channel ugh

  26. Sergio Méndez

    The fact that MIA is so funny without trying to be funny is hilarious lmaoooooooo

  27. Zeenath Shaikh

    please do a collab with simply nailogical after she completes her break……and also you both live in canada….can you try to do the collab

  28. Toni Silkwood

    I have so much love for mama maple!! 😫😫❤️❤️❤️ she seems so freaking sweet and cool!

  29. Eng_jana Khalid

    I love your Mom 💞💞

  30. Ramona Godeanu

    I love you your make up,guys!
    But mama Maples 's makeup is bomb!!

  31. Sammy Gregory

    I actually love your sponsorships 😂

  32. Sarah Morgan

    I love your mom so much! She’s always so happy and laughing 😂 brightens my day your so lucky! ❤️❤️

  33. Brytan Butchart

    My massage therapist actually used silicone cups like that on my back and what use to take my back muscles a whole appointment to loosen up, took maybe 1 minute of the cups to release tension. It’s awesome. But don’t forget to use an oil on your skin first so the cup can slide.

  34. Lucy Evans

    I’m dying at these brand deals

  35. Samantha Halling

    I honestly love how ridiculous your sponsor clips are 😂😂 Also love you and your mom so much❤️

  36. buddha bae

    i can’t even express how happy i get watching these videos of you and mama maples🥺🥺🥺

  37. Anastasia Malan

    Other youtubers: ive been using this for weeks now and its really good (bottle is still full)

    Mia: use it till half finish then review the product.


  38. Nevaeh-harmony Jackson

    I’m convinced her mom take edibles lmao she’s so giggly 😂

  39. Helainna Stacco

    I laughed so ridiculously hard at this

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