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  1. Hey Hello

    U look so gorgeous even u have dark skin dont feel bad abt it

  2. Brandi O

    Honestly you lost me with the blush all over. Eyes weren't too bad though. 🙂

  3. Donte Wurreebootett

    Not digging the blush everywhere

  4. Donte Wurreebootett

    Asians get dark but korean ppl love pale skin . They dont like being dark and Korean ppl dont get as dark as a black person in the slightest unless they tan for some odd reason.

  5. Zuri D

    Oddly, I happen to love this make up on you and it's the most natural I've seen you in make that didn't
    look like you put on a pound of it which as a skincare specialist kinda freaks me out. So thumbs up… 🙂

  6. Carmen O

    Girl yes, Asians DO get dark. As a Chinese/Vietnamese gorl, it's so hard for me to find my shade in k-beauty and j-beauty. Back in highschool when I was influenced by kpop and jdramas, I was really self conscious about my skin tone and being "too dark" for Asian standards. Now I realize how unhealthy and unrealistic it is. The fact that it affects people socially and in their jobs in Asia makes me so sad about it.

  7. lacortney finch

    i lllllllllloooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee this short hair on you omg!

  8. hannah

    i need to know where that giant beauty sponge is from

  9. Katrea Dawes

    "Nerves are just excitement… that you don't want to accept"

    Love that

  10. Ann Williams

    It's the freckles. Not sure why that's a thing but it probably shouldn't be. The rest looks fine.

  11. user name

    just to clarify India is not south eastern asian country it's south asian 6:58

  12. Sadie Perez

    I like it

  13. Shayleigh Pappas

    I think you look great. Maybe a tad less blush on the nose, and no freckles…….

  14. Shayleigh Pappas

    I loveeee Pinterest. Use it daily.

  15. Shayleigh Pappas

    Cushion blushes SOUND AMAZING. the u.s needs to do that. Wow.

  16. aberu

    i think the gradient lips effect kinda gives off a more "natural" vibe. 'cause that's what i like to do and trust me, im not trying to make my lips go smaller lol

  17. Sabina Sanchez

    The blush and the freckles were a bad idea but you’re still beautiful lol

  18. elle m

    your hair is amazing ! is there a tutorial ?

  19. jay the gay

    My girlfriend was Malaysian and she was about your complexion and she couldn’t find her shade in Singapore where she lives

  20. Raziel Celeste

    I’m from Asian and I can’t find my shade..

    They don’t even have medium shades they don’t sell one either. I went to a makeup shop kinda like sephora but for where I’m from. I’m trying to find a shade for my mom so I went to a Bobbi Brown counter(She’s fancy lol). And they only sell 5 SHADES !! They have like 4 shade for pale/white ppl and 1 for darker skin.

  21. 浩浩

    Actually you are pretty with KBeauty Style ! But the Blush is too heavy and the freckles is not a good idea.
    KBeauty blush's style is more like natural cheek's color but healthy.
    (White skin tone Asian with natural blush will look like healthier and soft.)

  22. Anna Sitton

    I love this look!

  23. Gia Dollz

    I totally agree with you Cydnee. I hate how asians want to praise having white skin etc..I wish some will appreciate dark skin more. I think if Korean products would extend their shade range to like Nyma Tang skin tone it would be a great profit for them and benefit dark skin indians, asians, and black people.

  24. Bae Lea

    Yes its true. I am from Malaysia and its hard to find my shade. My face is fair but i find korea's makeup foundations are lighther than my color? To be honest, my country defines pretty are only for fair white people, while people who has darker skin tone will be discriminated. I find it so racist.

  25. Bae Lea

    This is my first seeing an african woman who has natural blue eyes???? So pretty 😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️

  26. Alexia Ramirez

    So glad I found you💗 #newsubbie

  27. Falldust 467

    you should have Kennie do your makeup !!

  28. Madi Taraneh

    your eyes are so pretty! love the blush look.

  29. Anita Proctor


  30. Killer Ghost13

    I loooove the blush. It’s how I do mine! I would say realistic freckles would look super cute. Like fainter and darker. Varying shades. Or a weird color. Like I do blue purple and pink freckles sometimes. Maybe even white. Looks like a galaxy.

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