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  1. Tina Yong

    What other trends do you think will be in this year?

  2. Jolanda Casi-Josefsson

    Your nails look so cool! 😍😍❤️ Did you do them yourself or did you get them done?

  3. Bhavini Pandey

    I don't know why but your 👂 rings looks like illuminati

  4. uncchristine99

    This is such a fun video! I love the blush on blush look. I’ve been mooning about Michelle Phan’s Magic Hour collection and that is the whole aesthetic! Love it! Also recently a fan of Nam Vo’s dewy dumplings look.

  5. KarlaPanda

    Hello! I'm an aspiring youtuber here. Let's give each other a sub to sub 😊

  6. Tanvi Thakur

    You are looking super cute l too like hair accessories

  7. mar

    I wear my hair crimped like everyday I just braid my hair from a ponytail at night and sleep with it in .These except for hair accessories I use almost everyday .”Blush on blush” is a MUST for me everyday .Mine is way less natural than yours but it looked so lovely on you .

  8. Mel G

    trends in 2020. more women shaving their heads wearing neon liner. 💕

  9. Cris Caceres

    So happy to begin a new year with new Tina videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥳🥳🥳

  10. Cris Caceres

    So happy to begin a new year with new Tina videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥳🥳🥳

  11. Amy Mandeville

    I don't like the blush on blush. It looks like a fever and pink eye all in one. The floating eyeliner makes me think of the 60s and takes me back to the 80s!

  12. oohdianax

    weren't these trends of 2019 smh

  13. Queenie Bobon

    The beauty trends brought it back two decades ago, i guess we’re running of ideas

  14. Haircules

    Lol I wanna put jewels on my epicantic folds!!

  15. Quincy Phan

    Could you do a review on EM COSMETICS PLEASEEEEE

  16. Phim VN office

    You Are look so cute in this vid .OMG

  17. konpei

    Blush on blush would just make me look like I permanently have Asian flush! 😅


    She looks so fresh and i love her energy so much 😘😘 you go girl !

  19. Elizabeth Fox

    What straightner do you use?

  20. Just Wendy

    I never stopped doing mermaid type crimps in my hair. I love it. I have super thin hair so it always helped to make it look thicker and fuller.

  21. Bella Bruno

    bro these were in last year ..

  22. Anna M

    where are the heart earings from??

  23. Lena Otaku

    Lol, I already do most of them.
    I'm ahead of my time. lol

  24. Cata Ossa

    Love it! Thanks for sharing!😊

  25. Im Abir

    Love this video ♥♥♥

  26. Dolly Zhang

    This video is one of the best of yours, luv it and thx for sharing

  27. HattoriART

    I absolutely love the glammed eyes with pearls and gems!

  28. Mai Thy

    I love the hair accessories trend! Also: you look so gorgeous🥺

  29. Vishnu Priya

    U r my favorite utuber ever♥️🤗

  30. Riwan Lamare

    I love the hairstyles very much

  31. Love for Lipbalms

    YOUR HAIR!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💕💕💕💕💕💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️
    Tina you are literally perfect I adore you so much if I was boy then I'd probably have proposed to you by now😂😂 lmao I'm such a creep But back the point you're a perfect goddess. And I love you very much💕💕

  32. Chanda Singh

    Good god what trends! Btw I'm really a big fan of you and your content!
    Loads of love❤❤❤💕 (P.S: For the first time I'm early then usual :P)

  33. videokkrazy

    If Tina didn't point to herself we wouldn't know where Tina is 😂

  34. Piri the cute

    My favourite is the mermaid 🌊 if it's coming back but I am not really into the blush on blush look.

  35. Maramkarla88 Nash

    Please do a clothes trends video 🥺❤️❤️

  36. Ranjit Kaur

    I love the embeleshed eyes

  37. Ciervs

    The blush on blush look reminds me of Doja Cat's e-girl makeup tutorial on Vogue tho it kinda looks more like drunk blush on hers.

  38. Kanchan Raj Bose

    Please do a makeup collection viedeo please

  39. S V

    NO FULL COVERAGE Foundation for 2020! No real makeup artist does full coverage and no working person can wear full coverage foundation without it rubbing it off. I’m all for gems and glitter but with less coverage and less bronzer and less brow products

  40. Stella

    I'm very active on instagram and I have been seeing all of these trend through mid to end of 2019 already…I guess Instagram is a trend setter platform or the trends are being repeated lol

  41. mademoisellekaya

    I really Really hope that you keep your brows like this! It totally looks stunning on you ❣ And I love your Lashes 😎
    And I am here for the more not 90's but 80's look of hair, because that (80's) (or was it end 80's start 90's..) was the time everybody walked around with these hairstyles and I am absolutely here for round 2, infact I have cut my hair since the fall way shorter and am enjoying one of those looks from back then completely 😁💖

  42. Ashley Martin

    She looks like Mina from TWICE😍

  43. バオグリーナアレクサ

    breathable skin, done that since i started liking makeup, coz im not a fan of foundation or im just lazy XD .. blush on blush started doing this when i bought NARS orgasm highlighter. I use it as a blush then set it with powder blush. natural lashes, still doin it til now, i live in japan almost all of there falsies are natural looking,, embellished eyes,, wanna try this and will be my fave maybe,, least fave is brow lamination,, coz my brows are so thin you cant even see them!! lately i used mascara to get volume. hair accessories,, is a no for me coz,, my hairs are thin… u divided your hair to 4 parts,, and my hairs volume is about 1/4 of your hair 🙁 mermaid hair i want to try that!!!! might give my hair volume look !

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