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  1. Clevver Style

    Which celeb do you wish would come out with their own products??

  2. Lotas

    she didn't use any products thats why people got mad. no product touched her face not even water

  3. mks176

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I HATE THE BEEEEEEEEPS YALL PUT IN THESE VIDEOS!!!!! They make the videos unwatchable. They are so loud and jarring please stoppppppp. 2 minutes and 30 seconds in and I'm out, 5 beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps already FIVE!!

  4. mks176

    "I don't know any other celebrity that has anything teeth related" Kendall Jenner has left the chat

  5. Gaby Cocacola

    Kendell jenner has a oral care line called Moon you guys should try it out on the next trying celebrity products epi!

  6. Marion Laury


  7. Sunny5MA

    I love you both and will follow you both to hell and back always but I will never EVER jump on the BTS bandbandwagon. Sorry. NOT sorry.
    Also I've heard Millie's pallet was …not great.. dunno just hearsay? Love you both still tho!

  8. CounTessa

    Its probably to clean the teeth and gums because not everyone does the circular motion lol idn… iv never listened to BTS but I like their message and I can appreciate that they are nice to their fans and just like they are setting an example for other celebrities…. not that other celebrities are stuck up, but it's not like that has never happened before lol you know what I mean 😛👍

  9. Mirian V

    Honest question, is clevver backed by amazon? Are they making money off the links? Its just like.. a lot of amazon all the time

    Edit: just read the description, duh affiliate links. I still wonder why the push to shop amazon. Other companies also provide affiliate links

  10. Lil mess

    They don’t habe cushions in the states? Like makeup cushion

  11. Sole Sista

    I feel like I'm watching QVC…this aint it

  12. esto pesto

    Jacki and Drew 😁❤

  13. Amaree W

    Who else winked back

  14. Rin Wil

    OMG, Drew! Fairly Odd Parents! Now I have the song stuck in my head. She is so cute and so hilarious. I look forward to any video with her because I know I am going to get a good laugh.

  15. Cassi Lynn

    I felt attacked at the clip of Jungkook winking.

  16. tine06kerbell

    Jackie looks just as beautiful without makeup, like she looks exactly the same. Both gorgeous!

  17. Kun Farida

    the mediheal face mask is suuuuper nice

  18. Ddaeng sara

    BTS and Clevver my favoritess 🙁 <3

  19. OT51DForever

    I wish one direction did all the merch that BTS has

  20. Gayatri Sapru

    How can Jackie look like that without makeup !!

  21. ladynessarosee

    Love this duo! Jackie needs to be on the home page banner though

  22. Antonio Ventura

    Gosh who doesn’t love Drew! She’s hilarious!!!

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