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  1. HunnyBadger1337

    did it actually have any good effects? just curious. also you are an amazing inspiration, i hope that i can one day have that much courage

  2. Harshvardhan Nigam

    Michelle you are amazing

  3. Jake Legge

    Was that your first time?

  4. Brittany Trabbold

    You've inspired me to do my greatest fears. I'm going to Florida this weekend, and I think I might just maybe go on a rollarcoaster, go zip-lining and swim with the sharks in tycoon lagoon!

  5. Kandres Robles

    Waooo, entonces has de hablar Español Saludos desde México.

  6. BookWormNerd101

    this made me cringe lol

  7. Vicky Cordova

    La primera vez que vi algo tuyo, fue el video del nacimiento del bebe de Joe (soy prima hermana de Vicky) y me encanto. Ahora te sigo en tu proyecto casi desde el principio y me parece genial. Sigue asi. Muchos exitos!!!!

  8. Cutietips Karla

    thank you for doing such amazing Project

  9. Angelique Georges

    This is such a fantastic project! It's so inspiring to watch, keep going! 🙂

  10. Christine Gakou

    You are my idol! Please answer! Greetings from Greece!

  11. Catherine Kouthny

    I understand you! I hesitated a long time before going in an acupuncturist. They was courageous:)

  12. Ashley Cantarero

    What that for thoug

  13. Javiera Ide Wenderoth

    Does it hurt?

  14. Maria Moreno Sanchez

    im following u since u started this,i really like it,keep doing it please,your project is amazing ^^

  15. Alicia Achaques

    Brave girl! Did you notice any changes after the session? Tell us!

  16. i am bEnj

    your 100th day should be epic! Like bungee jumping or sky diving!.. geeezzz you're inspiring me a lot.. Thanks and God bless.. 🙂

  17. Cutietips Karla

    Omg I am so scared to that but people said is very good for you you are my hero I am a big big fan of you.

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