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  1. Maile Naomi Riddarskjold

    lowkey jealous of how she’s drop dead gorgeous with AND WITHOUT FRIGGIN MAKEUP WTHHHHHH

  2. Stan? LOONA

    Can you guys react to LOONA's solos!!! Or their music video Butterfly??💕💕💕

  3. deirdre

    Ahh this is my first tine watching her and she is stunning holy shit

  4. Jennifer Yang

    lmaoo the part where you were explaining you parents haha. so cute btw!

  5. Breanna Love

    red velvet bad boy 🕴🏾

  6. Delaine Rogers

    im half chinese and half white and tbh sometimes when i try to look more asian i just end up looking more white and vice-versa lmaoo. also on the topic of kpop if u want to check out fellow mixed idols i recommend somi, vernon (seventeen), kyla (pristin), alex christine/AleXa, and shannon williams

  7. Kelly C.


  8. Mack

    Baby by the rose is a fav 👉👈

  9. Nica Zhang

    why do you put concealer all your face?😂

  10. audrey clementine

    Check out GOT7, STRAY KIDS, IKON, X1 (they’re going to debut next month!) and (G)idle!!

  11. Sabbby Sabbb

    the fake love instrumental in the beginning <3

  12. •K00KI3S\ 3UPH0RIA•

    You’re literally every standard but ok 👌🏻

    Undercover- A.C.E

    Park Jihoon: L.O.V.E and

    ONEUS: Valkyrie

    All bOPsz

  13. taetae mochi

    I'm half filipina.

    and I look like snow compared to my full filipino cousins.

  14. Zeynep Kilic

    U should react to Love shot by Exo ! Or maybe highway to heaven by NCT 🙂

  15. Sib :v

    You should listen to DEAN he’s amazing, “Instagram” is one of his beeest songs
    Btw you’re soooo prettyyyy

  16. ChitChatKatia

    ss501 and super junior woah iconic

  17. Hannah Kim

    Boss- NCT!!! Teenager- GOT7!! Love Scenario- iKON!! All I wanna do- Jay Park!! Fancy- TWICE!!!

  18. bridget m

    bts dna music video

  19. victoria rose

    if you wanna watch a funny kpop thing, this is an evaluation performance from produce 48 which is a korean idol survival show:

  20. victoria rose


  21. ChimChim Got_Jams

    I heard that intro…..

  22. Fashion Tendencies YT

    Hello from my channel 💜

  23. Joyce Tang

    ive never seen anyone put in contacts like that uh-

  24. Kiki Boice

    why did I crack up @ the plastic surgery line???

  25. meriem pcy

    Ur beautifuuuul

  26. Sjimpim 1

    Please react to: ‘sorry’ from the rose.
    I love that song❤️
    Also, the makeup looks really nice 💕

  27. Leigh Tessa


  28. Bibi Amarachgul

    A kpop song – BREATHE – AB6IX

  29. Moonchild

    React to Fire and Blood, Sweat & Tears by BTS! Also, I'd be great if you react to Sunmi, Mamamoo, GOT7 or Monsta X

  30. jeon. jelly

    Bts at MAMA or their mma perf!

  31. jeon. jelly

    Y'all should react to bts in America lol if you're looking for content on artists

  32. lin mariee


  33. Sarah Hernandez

    Can you speak Korean?

  34. Afreeda Hossain

    Any song by nct!! I recommend highway to heaven, they have both an English and korean version

  35. Em

    Wait sorry wtf… 1st of all, skin care routine, 2nd… wtf do you really have nothing on your eyebrows bc they are actually perfect

  36. Bob Ross

    React to fever by gfriend

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