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  1. kavya kala

    Hi madama pcod dite plan chepara madama

  2. Gowri S

    During pregnancy can I drink ?


    Thank you ma'am

  4. Ayushi Bhatt

    I’ll start from tomorrow and I’ll come after month nd share my review mam 🤗😊 thank you soo much for such a informative information ❤️
    Thank you 😊 🙏

  5. pooja yadav

    after taking this drink when we should do our breakfast

  6. Beema Suresh

    We can use it without coconut oil or ghee

  7. Sushma Khona

    Can we use coconut oil?…and little gud… as i am vegan

  8. Soul Curry

    Hi a couple of questions. How do we get this special ghee? And what do we do if we do not have a blender? Please do give the options. This ghee is expensive. Many will not be able to afford isn't it? Coconut oil is great I guess

  9. amena tabassum

    Dear mam, is blending necessary?

  10. Prasanna Govindan


  11. Prerana S

    If we don't have blender ,can you please suggest alternative option

  12. Santhiya sandy

    I have been your silent follower, planning to try moringa tea and turmeric tea for weight loss… But i am breastfeeding my 3 month old baby… Can i try this?

  13. kodi sushma rani

    Which time is best to drink thise tea.. plz tell me that meance time….

  14. Pratiksha Verma

    Mam I'm a hosteller I don't have blender can I make it without blending please reply

  15. Smitha Arun Radhakrishnan

    Hello Nisamam…I have made a batch of the turmeric tea powder after watching your video can I use that powder to make the tea or should I use only turmeric and pepper. Please do reply. Thanks

  16. Hema Arul

    Will curcumin cause cold

  17. Zeeba Shaikh

    Hi ma'am. Instead of ghee can i use Olive oil

  18. Ma nIsha

    Can we drink during period ?

  19. aminath shareefa

    Which time can drink for better

  20. Umair Zubair

    H pylori mi pi sakte hai kia

  21. Gowthami ch

    Mam I have one idea do this tea cause over heat to the body which results in constipation??

  22. Reshma s

    Mam itna measure kar ke nahi khane ka

  23. varsha talreja

    Instead of haldi pwd can we use kachi haldi and a2 desi ghee can we use home made ghee?

  24. Laila Rani

    How long can we use this tea continuously?

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