Twenty-one pilots – My Chemical Romance Cover [Official Lyric Video]

2019-05-07 Cancer Comment 35

The official lyrical video of twenty-one pilots, covered by My Chemical Romance's song "Cancer," from Rock Sound Presents: The Black Parade is now available. Click here!Amazing Horoscope Step-by-step Dating Guide For Women Interested In Better Understanding A Cancer Man..


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  1. T N

    why dont you just burn this sheet (s)?

  2. Chimkinnuggers2888

    I like to think all the books flying off the shelves is all the people lifes story who got cancer and theyre all ascending to the end when the books finally fade away to peace

  3. Brittney Neal

    Me: wrote cancer on arm
    Friend: thats a twenty one pilots song
    Me:*triggered *

  4. crazy monkey

    Oof! The book part! Awesome!!!

  5. crazy monkey

    Yasss! Awesome!

  6. hux sux

    I remember finding out about my mother's cancer and seeing the notification of this video some days after.
    I remember sitting on my bed and seeing my parents walk into my room, asking me to listen to what they were going to say and not be upset.

    What a beautiful song. It's to sad to see others telling what it makes them think of. (I apologize for my bad english)
    Stay strong
    Everyone fighting for life and everyone close to them.
    "Amor omnia vincit."
    Stay strong

  7. panic! rn

    22 March 2013

  8. Lazlo Hotty

    Is it bad that i'm listening to this after beating chondro sarchoma? (A form of bone cancer that cant be treated with kemo)

  9. Torisutan Pixel Art

    If this is not played at my funeral..
    I'm not going

  10. ItsYaBoySebas

    when you read the #Cancer the seriousness fades away

  11. the joker*.*

    wtf!!! twenty one pilots its 👎👎

  12. PewDiePie must Win

    I’m reading these story’s in the comments but seriously, why would you use emojis in a emotional story? It sets off the whole mood.

  13. Huh Yuh

    This video is so well put together

  14. Micaella Bautista

    I listened to this a million times since I was 7 yrs old but I still have chills every time.😭

  15. okbutlikeitswhatever

    i like this one better ngl 🤷🏼‍♀️

  16. alina heithaus

    The first time I heard it I thought Tyler wrote it but now I have a deeper appreciation for the song and MCR


    this is the only tøp song where Tyler doesn't scream ºoº

  18. Esther Streng

    I really hope Tyler and Gerard will sing this song together someday

  19. Wittle Clark

    This is truely a great song, I thin Gerard made this song more hopeful. While Tyler made it more like giving up and accepting of his fate. Both versions are emotional and beautiful to listen to.

  20. Galaxy Wolf

    this is so beautiful and its bringing me to tears

  21. DiePewPie

    I don't like the song but I respect it because of its meaning and it's a cover from…MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!! My favorite band covering a song of my girlfriends fav band…thats awesome 😄

  22. liza vet

    My mother's parents died from cancer……both….

  23. Raging_Bolt_HP 420360

    Chester Behington We Miss You

  24. kragprop _

    God is our savior and for he is with us for He is not against us.He will always stand next to you
    You just need to believe
    Believe in the power of God just like He believes in you.Sometimes there must be hard times in life because He know you can handel it .

  25. kragprop _

    Who can honestly say they dont know someone with cancer
    Comment if you dont know someone with cancer
    Like…if you do

  26. cake life

    This cover is cancer.

  27. Ashmen _

    I had cancer….it was really really hard on me an my hole family too

  28. Seth Wonderful

    Just found out my girlfriend has cancer, felt the need to come back to this… 😔

  29. mischa Campbell

    I like this cover more than the original lol


    Increible ❤

  31. Javiera Rojas

    I love tayler❤❤

  32. Barcode CookE

    Congrats on 9M , best band in the world. ❤️❤️❤️

  33. Allyssa Martinez

    My second mom, my nana, dies of stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer at the age of 52. She had fought. She was the greatest woman ever. She helped me through so much. When i turned 10, she said her last words that we could understand before the cancer went to her head. "I lovs you and misz you". She died in her sleep on july 29. A month after stopping treatment. I never knew how much i missed her.

  34. Jam Hot

    i hate this shit

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