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  1. lee wai

    Can't see yr legs!

  2. Richard Monroe

    I'd do that first one and crack the top rib heads according to a chiropractor I was going to at the time.

  3. Romelia Polly

    If you are looking for the best workouts guide you should check these guides from Unflexal .

  4. Marion Bennett

    thank you for this wonderful video. i have extremme groin pain associated with MS. this will certainly help. GREAT!!! Im on it.

  5. Didi Cudby

    I think I got it, but it would be great if you remade this clip with your camera pointed a bit lower to show more of your legs during the split lunge part. Thank you 🙂

  6. elliott shapiro

    great advice, thanks

  7. Yaw Peprah

    my pain is gone

  8. MegaMusical10

    Excellent, thanks!

  9. Troy Martin

    @posturedoc Cheers doc. I subscribed. I have to say the lower quarter exercise helps free up the lower back but I do hip flexor stretches at-least once a day anyway which leads me to believe that something else is the cause, maybe tight abs puting stress on the hip flexors which, in turn, puts stress on the lower back? Anyway, thanks for sharing.

  10. posturedoc

    @Shreelar keep it up! Be sure you get my free video series at my site below to take it to another level and switch on your organic core stability.

  11. posturedoc

    @lambofGod886 That's easy, huh!

  12. posturedoc

    @chiefmungomartin Get the free training i've got on the site below for more moves and information that may help.

  13. Shreela R

    Due to being in pain (gut) for 3.5 yrs, I sat in a recliner most of the time. Finally an MD figured out what was causing my pain, so I could stop what was causing it, but by this time I had very weak lower back, and my groin/lower ab area was very tight. It took almost a year to rebuild strength in my back/core and to loosen my groin area, after being a blob for so long. Your second exercise helped loosen my groin a lot.

  14. Debbie T

    Just watching your videos makes my back feel better!! ^__^

  15. Troy Martin

    I get pain in the lumbar after sitting. It's painful to stand errect but I find that doing a slow back extension in the standing position helps to relieve it. I have tightness in the piriformis on both sides and the QL on the right only but most of the pain is on the left side. I do regular stretches for these areas as well as the hip flexors daily. I've recieved physio therapy but they couldn't get to the bottom of it. Any advice?

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