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  1. Fabius fierce

    There something about the chemistry you two have I can’t stop watching this it’s very sensual

  2. Alex Bekele

    His 2nd best video by a mile.

  3. Mandy Sullivan

    I loved Dr. Brett’s face at the end of his adjustment – he looked either super relaxed or a bit emotional. So sweet!

  4. Stacie Lucchesi

    I wish I could get adjusted by either of these guys, and I wish I lived in that cabin ! 😍😍

  5. Herman Booger

    This was great sir😄😄👏👏👏👏👏

  6. Nial Nsrdn

    3:27 "hey i got the mosquitos "

  7. : The god gamer15786

    Neck crack start at 7:51 u're welcome 😁😀😀😁☺😁☺😁

  8. 이지윤


  9. no one

    So peaceful. Nice 👍

  10. picantesworld77

    Wow what awesome adjustments Dr. Brett. Dr. Varnham is very good!

  11. aaron johnson

    Positive vibrations Mann Every time


    I just excepted that clap adjustment behind th ear from that German chiropractor after a long time, and and am still skeptical about it , but I refuse to now except it by the knee . Shenanigans i tell you . Bret , he looked like he messed you up on that first side adjustment . Didn’t hear any release , looked uncomfortable.

  13. reetismatic

    Intro needs to be at about half the volume in the future.

  14. Kyle Rodriguez

    Powerful on here and so Powerful to watch in person 🌀🧙🏻‍♂️🧙🏽‍♂️!

  15. Fabius fierce

    Very relaxing

  16. Dr. Cody Fehrman

    What is that flick at the knee a patella adjustment?

  17. mike mike

    Sold adjustments Dr Jones…your technique is silky smooth and effective, I definitely need to schedule my appointment

  18. Joe Kelly IV

    8:50 was that a decompression

  19. Isiah Williamson

    Brett got a new tattoo??

  20. Chase Green

    Amazing doc please keep this content right here forever

  21. df

    3:27 what the hell was that move? Any explanation Dr. Brett?

  22. Laurie Eheler

    pretty powerful 😊😮

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