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  1. Sohini Lata

    You r very handsome…doc…..God bless you..ALWAYS..fo beautiful…advices…ji

  2. mari mizban

    Hi Dr the remedy you menshen it is hard to find eccept Alovera but for me I don't like that teast…

  3. Around the world

    Excellent 👏👏👌👌👍👍

  4. Rex Motha


  5. Joydeep Ghosh

    Where do you practice? Please give me details of your consultation.

  6. rajeev316

    Thank you Sir..you are a life saver

  7. Nagalakshmi Vasudevan

    Your videos are excellent and remedies are simple .it can be used by all.Thanks.Is acidity problem is connected to heart block or heart problems.? I know indigestion is a symptom for heart blockage .am I correct? waiting for your reply.pl.

  8. Shiva Gade

    Hi doctor, can u suggest which buckthorn oil we have to use..we try to find in Amazon..we r getting Sea buckthorn oil is it suggestible??

  9. Shamaladevi Krishnan


  10. pious fererra

    Dr. do u know if the medicine Butchers broom is good for people with varicose veins. Waiting for ur advice

  11. salil sharma

    Dr a very good Question–in Stomach one gets Excess Acidity called Gastritis n also Excess Mucus–both leads to Abdomen pain. Very confusing.How to treat Excess Mucus in Stomach???.

  12. Umashankar R

    Please sent the address sr

  13. Umashankar R

    Sir please give me your address

  14. mani Mishra

    Wht abt ulcerative colitis sir?

  15. ሰላም u

    Good Dr. Please I have skin tag

  16. Blossom

    Cant undersand ur audio properly pls can u write underneath.. in ur videos it makes it easier for us veiwers to to read anything we dont understand thank u

  17. Fatima Hanif

    Something for ibs direah?

  18. Mukta Srivastva


  19. mau Tweety

    Triphala is also one of the best…

  20. vidhya lakshmi

    The 3 cause is true in my case

  21. B cool

    Voice is echoing

  22. Akala Kichu

    I'm from Mokokchung Nagaland I great to say thank so much by Sir vivek

  23. Akala Kichu

    Hello sir vivek thank so much I heard to learn something but I fel get happy that's good in our life to great benefits because in apart of wholes knowledgeable

  24. Top Phone

    The way you Explane Is very Nice and understading thanks plz Do a vedio for black pachers for araund Nek.

  25. sandhya saikesh

    Sir ur vedios are really helpful and awesome pls suggest me for kidney stone removal pls im Suffering

  26. John11

    Sir i hv problem like something is struck in my mouth from last few weeks.

  27. Godavarizilla Godzilla

    Sir you look like Actor Madhavan. Anyway thank you sir for healthy tips

  28. Pranthaman Rajasekaran

    Hello doctor Iam paranthaman a dental technologist from Chennai Iam suffering heartburn for more than 15yrs i had already taken treatment with endoscopy 5 with regular intervals but no ulcer but with gastritis taking rabeprazole 20mg morning half an hour before food with advise of my gastroenterologist I want to stop this medicine after your message please guide me sir

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