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  1. Alejandro Cole

    My only way to say how much I enjoy you is… I totally subscribed. Love from Colombia.

  2. sharon246787

    So Jeffrey's palettes are very out there…but Tati's is for a normal girl who goes for a party now n then….very wearable…

  3. Mary Sh


  4. Diane Swanson

    More looks please. Love.

  5. Ge Mum

    I don't know if I dislike this palette or if Allie simply looks beautiful without it.

  6. Makeup By Moon

    I really enjoyed watching ur video n love ur technique. Just subscribed!

  7. Billie's Makeup

    yeah yeah yeah give us more looks with this please

  8. DaisyDallyChristina

    You are the most precious human being ever! This was an amazing review! Full in love Tati as well, so excited to get this pallet at the next launch!

    Edit: correction. You AND your husband 😭💕

  9. Madella Beauty

    Omg your look it’s so beautiful!
    I can’t wait to try this palette I already order it, I’ll also do a review about it!

    I feel like the price is not too high, if it was coming from another big brand I would’ve been 65$ and up!

  10. Rubie Luna

    Yess please do as many looks with this as you want it’s amazing lol

  11. Ashley Arnold

    MORE MORE MORE!!!! Yasssss!!! ♥️♥️♥️

  12. Steph B

    I AM IN LOVE! I can't wait to get my hands on this. You did such an amazing job <3

  13. PetiteBeauty

    Would LOVE to see more tutorials with this palette. I can’t wait to get mine 😀😍

  14. Wendy Williams

    Use the pallet already!!!!

  15. Marissa Coubrough

    More looks please!! ♥️

  16. Ashley Grant

    My goodness I cannot stop staring at your eyes!!!! They are so beautiful and this color makes them pop so much. Wow I need this palette.

  17. Rose

    The poet row definitely looks like a magenta pink, is it your camera or do we just perceive it differently?
    Also I'm so jealous that lower Lash line shadow works for you. Whenever I try it I look like I'm doing drag makeup, it is not for me hahaha
    I do glitter eyeliner on the lower inner Lash line, I tightline from the inner corner to just under where my lashes start. I love it.
    But yeah full glam eye looks like yours just don't work.

  18. lauren malsi

    your voice is so soothing. that eye look is gorgeeeeeouss

  19. amandavify

    I would have been more excited for this product if it would have been her first product, but when she came out with vitamins it was just a turn off

  20. Chelsea Zoua

    I love the look you created. Its so beautiful on you! I just love how informative all your videos are!

  21. Mariam Fadel

    Omg I was watching tatis vid then I say your card she was putting it in the box

  22. Nikki Dee

    I need so many tutorials on this pallet. Yes please !!!

  23. AreNee Jordan

    U did a great job

  24. Lindsey Karnas

    Yes, please! More looks with this palette. Also, this is such a gorgeous look! ❤

  25. AreNee Jordan

    Need Holiday looks and evening party looks

  26. AreNee Jordan

    Could not c Ora

  27. Chasd74

    I ordered my palette and can’t wait!!!

  28. amanda cook

    I cannot wait to play with this palette! What a great video, I’m such a huge Tati fan! This look that you created is absolutely incredible, I am a new and proud sub, I would love to hear more of what you have to say about different products and also making more looks with this palette! I’m an esthetician and makeup artist so I’m always looking for good makeup/skin care routines that doesn’t kill your skin. It helps me so much to determine what works best for clients, this palette is a no brainer. I’m so excited to play with it but I’m also excited to keep watching, and to hear what you have to say in your reviews! ❤️

  29. AreNee Jordan

    Who is Tati?

  30. Christi Moisant

    More looks please!

  31. Brooke Tipton

    yes more!

  32. lehnxx

    The sequins row is a waste of our money and a waste of space in the palette. They are basically the same as the mattes when applied on your eyes. People go crazy for swatches.. why? Applying with a brush and on your eye will never look that pigmented as it does with a finger swatch on your forearm

  33. Zuzana L

    Watch MUTED. Trust me!

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