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  1. Tushar Manna

    Sir sum ko dahi lassi chach khana h? Sab bolte h afternoon me khana h

  2. Samir Pradhan

    Sir please make a video on Ke to diet with full grocery list..

  3. Irfan Shaikh

    Sir my uric acid is 8 can I take protein shake isolate

  4. Kamal Bobal

    Please give us a Diet plan for Night shift employee

  5. Amit Godival

    Thanks sir ji very good knowledge

  6. Pravati Behera

    Knowledge unlimit.tusi great ho paaji

  7. Sanjay Kumar

    Sir me subah nimbu pani lene k baad pure din bhar me 2 2 roti with green veg subah lunch diner me lete he..or green tea v 2 cup..or pani 3-4 ltr..kya weight loss hoga .? plzz reply sir

  8. kuldeep singh

    Thx for info Sir ji


    Thanks Sir

  10. spontaneous traveler

    Jaon ( barley ) meh bhi jyada carbohydrates hote hain kya

  11. Jyoti Dhani

    Hello Doc — good work👍.. can u please make a video on eye twitch ..

  12. Ajay Padukon

    Why we can't eat roti?

  13. laadlee ENTERPRISES

    I am thyroid diabetes also my weight is 80 kg pls suggest diet

  14. laadlee ENTERPRISES

    Dr I am a heart patient valve surgery recently how I manage my weight

  15. desi news

    Sir jyada time ye diet follow nhi kr pate stamina bhut jada kam ho jata h mene follow kia h par results ultimate h iske

  16. Shivek Dhar

    1:22 ek kilo khalo, do kilo khalo, 3 kilo khalo… GAAI BAN JAO!

  17. shashi Sharma

    Sir mujhe thyroid h…. Weight bahut h uski koi video banao……


    sir i'm vegeterian i do running wlking and few cardio exercises can i take whey protien ??

  19. Abhinav Saini

    ऑफिस जाने वाले 6 बार खाना कैसे खाएंगे

  20. ashish pillai

    But vegetables are full of chemicals.

  21. Akshay Dumbre

    Sir…if someone is taking high protein diet…then the creatinine level in blood is high than the normal people….how much creatine level is safe for high protein diet or say people who dont workout vs people who workout….video on this topic would be helpful…..thanks & support🙏

  22. karthik s

    Can I eat carni q 500 for fat loss


    what will ratio if we want to increase muscle mass…1 :1 0r 1:2 with 500 calorie more with bodyweight *28 .is this right

  24. Masood Anwar

    can I eat mango one kg daily

  25. shaik sha

    sir hydrocele ka problem hi kya kare

  26. Nishant Chauhan

    For muscle building carbs need to be increased and for fat loss carbs need to be decreased. But if we want to build muscle and loose fat simultaneously then what should we do to our carbs intake?

  27. Amar Kala

    Sir How to make a skimmed milk at home??? If possible please share 🙏

  28. Kobra Kai

    Sir all this si fine but what about the chemicals in vegetables due to drastic use if pesticides..how can we save ourselves from their side effects?

  29. Tejas Diware

    One roti is max 30gm carbs..so basically if we are taking 100 gm protein we can atleast eat 3rotis throughout day..am i right dr?

  30. Karan Bhanot

    Sir aap koi bhi fat burner recommend kroge?Agar haan to kounsa lein!

  31. satish suthar

    video ka level hai

  32. Reshma Chowdry

    Sir aap bahutttttt patle ho gaye ho.tq sir this video

  33. Karim Pathan

    Thank you sir

  34. Sachin Kumar

    kis kis ko lagta hai jio ka network kandam hota ja raja hai.

  35. ankur pal

    Thanku sir!! I learned this video, how to eat
    Thanku so much sir.

  36. kirtesh jariya

    Sir chicken khane ke baad saam ko dudh pe sakte te 1 litre diet me?..?

  37. kirtesh jariya

    Sir chicken khane ke baad saam ko dudh pe sakte te 1 litre diet me?..?

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