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  1. Trina-Louise

    I would love to get a make up advent calendar, I just don't know which one yet! <3

  2. Sharina Mac Gillavry

    I love you video

  3. Natalia Hali

    I wish for Christmas to have an advent calendar as i know I can't afford to give myself this gift, because my budget does not allow me 😔

  4. Heidi Hurn

    I waiting for the Boots no 7 advent calendar this is my wish list x

  5. Natalie Young

    Great unboxing, this advent looks good 😍😍😍

  6. Julesiscool76 Skincare and makeup journey

    My wish is a happy healthy family time 💫 really loving how much your channel has grown. Lovely to see the calendars up close as there’s so many to choose from 🥴🤔🧴💋💄

  7. Lauren I

    entered on a previous video I think!! I'm wishing to be settled in a new house for Christmas! Unfortunate/spontaneous house move 🙁 Followed on insta and subscribed 🙂 x

  8. Lisa Greig

    I would love to get a Bemer and a FMS for Christmas….I would love a 3 month subscription box from the UK…What incredible products.What a treat to buy and use these products ❤️⭐️👍🏻

  9. Jenn Warschauer

    For Christmas I am hoping for facial spa day. This looks like a great box minus the couple items you mentioned. Will check it out. My IG is jennw721 and I am following your socials.

  10. Beauty Hunter

    I didn’t even know this existed, I really want one now I’ve seen it.
    Great unboxing babe, as always xxx

  11. helenmalaine

    I had no idea Next did an advent calender, it looks amazing
    My wish for Christmas as I keep saying and trying to put it out into the universe is to have a new job for the new year 🤞

  12. beebeautiful1

    Hey lovely, I never realised next had an advent that’s fab! great video hope your ok hunni lots of love Jo xoxo
    Ps I’m looking forward to Christmas to spend it with my hubby and family as my hubby works away all week and family are very busy too xx

  13. joanna kujoth

    For Christmas I want my parents to come and stay with us 🙂

  14. Shenaz Patel

    I wish I could get a advent calendar!!!

  15. Bhola Singh

    I cant wait for christmas a really would love a beauty advent calendar i think there amazing and love watching the unboxing

  16. Daisy Mai

    Watching your videos are making me so excited to open my glossybox advent calendar in December! When will the giveaway winner be announced ? Lots of love 💙x

  17. Liz Littlejohns

    I’m looking forward to getting items for my wedding for Christmas ❤️

  18. Fatima Begum

    I've been loving your advent calendar unboxings can't wait to see what else you've got in store for us. Also in every video your eyes look so gorgeous, I just look at your eyes throughout most of the video. 😂😘🥰💖

  19. Zandra Ranson

    A nice advent calendar. I have just received my Glossybox one I can’t wait to open it.Love this vlog Thankyou lovely xx🤗😡

  20. Rebecca O'Sullivan

    Great unboxing! For Christmas I am wishing for the Glossybox advent calendar, looks amazing! xxx

  21. Tina Pientowski

    Great video maam:))). Hope you have a great week maam:)))).

  22. Morgan Fifield

    Looking forward to it. Wish i could get an advent calender, they all look great❤❤

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