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  1. Jack Gallagher

    Love your make up but fix your camera so it stop loosing focus it’s so annoying

  2. Megan Renee

    “It’s not getting chalky”…*shows a cast* looks chalky sis…😩💔

  3. Annie Ruiz

    .okay let’s not compare Anastasia and this 🙃 thank you.

  4. John-Paul S.

    John_az_stylist is my ig. I got unsubscribed from you and just resubscribed. I th8nkthe colors are pretty but might be to dark for my pale ass.

  5. jessica barreto

    What foundation are you using your skin looks flawless 😩❤️

  6. iLikeMenNow77

    I feel like there's some nuance between being "extra" and gimmicky. I would not pay $45 for this product, the inside is boring and the outside is a cheap attempt at a grab for attention… so I guess the product is true to its creator at the very least.

  7. Pamela Sontsi

    Sending love from South Africa! ❤️

  8. Andra Daniela


    Edgar: am. I. blind???

  9. jadoresephora roi

    that ish is for white people….not for a POC..

  10. Pinkpoodle2

    Always a great review Edger.Dont think this is for me. To much money for Me. Instagram jeansylvia. With love PInkpoodle2 💖🐩🐩💖🐾🐾💗👍💓🤗😘💕🇬🇧

  11. Mimi Meyers

    The picture on the front. Kind of scares me.

  12. Adrianna Chavez

    Honestly not just because I’m a Nikita fan but you look soo good tbh like your face looks soo much more soft and feminine in my opinion I love love love how you look like everything about it is soo beautiful like you.❤️

  13. The Evil Queen

    @i_ve_heard_it_both_ways It looks ok but definitely nothing special, like there are a lot of other brands with the same quality products that are wayy less expensive. Its not a must have pallette

  14. madii bhai

    i found you today amd i"subscibed i am greatfull i found you coz you have great energy @asmaira12

  15. madii bhai

    Like the highlighter But i cant busy its expensive not that usefull exited to seee more launches Love your acsent @asmaira12

  16. Skyler Jade

    Your nose contour LMFAO

  17. Skyler Jade

    That shit look ashy asf in the swatch and dusty asf on the face

  18. Brittney Richey

    I think that was my biggest concern and thank you for reviewing this bc I’m pale as shit and was 98% positive this wouldn’t work for me. I wish she would’ve done like 2-3 versions for multiple skin tone

  19. Ram Alejandre

    Ig rubywoo0_
    And honestly I don’t like Nikita .. and I don’t like the product and package .. 🤷🏼‍♀️😂😂

  20. Yolo Yee haw

    @amandahankee and I thought this pallet would come in different shades. For myself I don't think I could use the bronzers at all because the chocolate one would be too dark and the other shade is just a bit too neutral and not warm enough for my skin tone. Love you so much and this review <3

  21. Kim Baker

    This face on the palette looks like someone whose still knocked out after having a face lift, strange.

  22. Johanna Cruz

    IG: johanna_hcruzz
    I will definitely be buying this! Those are all the colors of my usual makeup routine of contour, blush, and highlight! I also personally agree that it’s not overpriced, the packaging is so different and unique! Tbh I don’t know what she’ll come out with next kinda hoping it’s lipsticks

  23. isabella xx

    to me it’s tacky, she tried but failed 🤷🏽‍♀️ as a start to launch her makeup she could’ve and should’ve considered diverse skin tones this is so not for everyone plus it looks tacky, the packaging is cute but untimely i’m not paying for packaging i’m paying for quality of the product and this isn’t it id rather buy something from the drug store. i’d love to see if she could make more shade ranges and not just focus on packaging. maybe i’m wrong but…

  24. Maria Sardella

    Just subbed! Looking forward to future content 💖🥺 love your personality

  25. Alex Pamyu

    Girl look how fucking orange u look

  26. Emily Clarke

    Caught licking her ass – she said in her video that she wanted the plastic to be thin because she’s “eco-friendly” 4:04

  27. t vm

    Subscribed 🙂 instagram is tiffany_vm 😉 and i liked and turned on notifications 🙂
    You make anything look great, but girl do you see how pale I am!?!? Only some bronzer makes me pop hunty!! Lol but fr.. I just don't ever see myself purchasing it…

  28. Lutzifalilia

    Also, I wouldve been more impressed with the product if she wouldve done 3 diffrent paletts for 3 diffrent skin tones (fair , medium, dark).

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