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  1. mnsusa

    Too much fucking around.

  2. Francisco PahiNo

    Hola que tal, no sería posible que hicieras algún video en castellano, me parece super interesante gran trabajo, un saludo

  3. Saruman The White

    I'm 170cm (5 ft 7) and can squat 90kg but nowadays because of my natural slight spinal asymmetry I feel the awkwardness of my squat and now i have left lower back pain damn. I'm going to rest from squats a while and I will miss the smaller leg size…

  4. Matt Douglas

    I dont feel pain in my spine its the lower back muscles that feel cramped and extremely fatigued.

  5. justin hay

    Thank you so much! I live again! For me, it's the best yoga exercises to relieve my fragile back ( 7wow.cc/06qb ) because I am affected by Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which weakens all the joints

  6. Ginger Bell

    After a few months of looking for a treatment solution with regard to my back ache, I stumbled upon this particular back problems guide known as “Kemzαnο Loni” (Google it) and it also worked with my case. Absolutely aids in back pain during sleep. I`m astonished by the effectiveness of this particular guide. This is exactly what I had been searching for.. .

  7. Piotr Zmarzlik

    Broo i have lower back pain (not Strong) And skin on my left thigh is less sensitive :p

  8. Big Bruv

    An easier way to get into this postition.
    Do not step onto the bands first. Pass band 1 over your head onto your right shoulder. Repeat with band 2. Now use both hands to hold band 1 near the bottom and stretch it out a little and bring the left knee up to help you step on the band. When the band is safely under the arch of your foot you can let go of the band and stand up straight. Repeat with the other band. You are now in position.
    Do this in reverse to get out of it. Simple and much easier and also helpful to get in position if you have a shoulder problem that makes it difficult to lift the bands overhead when under tension.

  9. Danielle

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge I love your brain.

  10. Tamara Weiss

    I was experiencing lower back pain while attempting to rest at nighttime. I really like to rest on my side and this was throwing my hips out of place. Using this certain back pain guide book, "Kemzαnο Loni" (Google it) it`s done the secret to success. I could now have enough sleep again now that my back ache is gone..

  11. Ginger Bell

    After a couple of months of searching for a treatment method for my back ache, I ran across this back discomfort guide known as “Kemzαnο Loni” (Google it) and it also worked with my case. Certainly assists in back pain throughout sleep. I am surprised by the effectiveness of this guide. This is what I was looking for..

  12. Jens

    Hmmm. I think I prefer hanging from a pullup bar.

  13. Abdul Khan

    I cannot even bend what the fuck you are talking about man

  14. Fareed Zaman

    Whats the name of your book?

  15. TheSlimmshadyy

    If you want to decompress your spine go to space

  16. Düz Adam

    Get gravity boots instead.It will do you good after these kind of compressions.

  17. thebachu786

    This is high level stuff, thank you

  18. Sebastijan Špoljarić

    My lower back mostly hurts when I try to pick the bar up. What should I do?

  19. Shawn Gadwa

    While I can understand the benedits of breathing and raising your chest to decompress the spine, the effects are minimal at best especially when you're compressing yourself further w/ two bands. Why not attach the bands to a power rack and hold onto them while you're in a half or full squat and push your hips down while pulling your upper body up?

  20. Praful Thakur

    how to fix bow legs

  21. Garage Workouts

    Sorry but i think you need some grind time under the bar before you give advice..I searched through some of your videos and really can't find any videos of you squatting with weight.Maybe i missed them though send me a link to some of them if they're there..

  22. Mario Chavez

    Naudi! With your incredible knowledge and background of bio mechanics and fascia, could you please explain how to properly barbell back squat? Many "Experts" say it is best to keep the bar in a straight up and down path, and keep a neutral spine. In this great video around 1:24 in the squat demonstration, there is a sequential rather than simultaneous push back of hips and fwd torso lean (thus preventing the bar bell to move in a straight up and down path) as well as mid/lumbar rounding. Which muscles are tight/inactive causing this compensation, or if wrong, what makes this choice a better bio mechanical squat? Sure bar bell squats arent taught at FP, but for the general population who have goals of increasing bone mass, tissue (ligaments, tendons, muscles, etc.) strength, and over all strength, full body exercises such as the barbell back squat and dead lifts are a great option if done properly with correct mechanics in a progressive manner for adaptability.

  23. ERik

    how do i get active decompression from a compressed c 1-7?

  24. arodderz

    if lower back hurts during squats, just stop…i learned the hard way guys…switch to leg press and some lunges with weights…feel 1000 times better now….legs feel just as strong and didn't lose any damn size…simple solution…

  25. Bisweswar Urma

    what is the amount of resistance on the bands?

  26. Mr. Popo

    Are you just applying the Anatomy Trains authors theory of connected fascial networks? You seem to apply a lot of his stuff.

  27. Nove Varis

    This guy is so full of shit his eyes are brown

  28. Robert M DeMola

    What I want you to consider is how many times in this video [and pretty much all of em] you say, "[show] you guys", and how the brain of the viewer eventually adapts to that stimuli. How about shutting up, SHOW…cut. Now go in the studio and produce the impeccable TELL, without a wasted word. Yes, that would shorten the videos immensely and THAT is a functional pattern.
    Love the added cartoon visuals. Thanks. Much needed they are.
    Long time fan here, discovered you via [Dr.] Stuart McGill. You're a good source. I can see you on the world's stage in a broadway show, I've got just the part for you, I feel it in my heart, don't matter it don't come true, I feel it in my heart.

  29. Constructive Cuntery

    Do you have any sort of degree or a qualification that means people should listen to you?

  30. kunal ganjawala

    10/10 best satire I've ever seen.

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