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  1. Dan Graham

    Totally Brilliant

  2. Dexter Powers

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  3. Mark Ward

    Great presentation. Real shame one of the questioners kept interrupting the key part of lots of answers so we never got to hear the conclusion of the previous question

  4. Diego bertoldo

    What are the screening tools he recommends for depression/anxiety/mood

  5. Rekha Sharma

    Prof O'Sullivan, watching your presentation was a revelation to my perception of my pain from multiple-joint osteoarthritis. I have written to the physio who I was referred to and suggested that this be shown even before the GP refers the patient onwards for MRI etc.

  6. Modern Manual Therapy

    Can I use this video on one of my sites?

  7. in0711

    wow. I can relate to this on so many levels… thank you so much for this video

  8. Ulises Barrera

    I just entered to see this video to see your hair in action

  9. nyrjoh

    I recommend this resource for assessment and rehabilitation of low back pain:http://tinyurl.com/j47szz5
    Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement Impairment Syndromes 1st Edition
    by Shirley Sahrmann PT PhD FAPTA (Author)

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