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  1. Martina Rossitto

    I love the recipes you share with us! Great ideas and great editing!

  2. Sharon Ports

    You said it was sugar free while you add Maple syrup and then banana toppings… just saying

  3. Katelyn Contreras

    What type of almond butter do you use

  4. Heiner Beisert

    I'll rather go for 100 grams oatmeal (1 and a 1/5 cup?), water and I'm done. Also I think it's great that it works out for you, but coconut oil is really not the kind of "healthy fat" you wanna go for, concerning all the saturated fatty acids.

  5. Maggie May

    How much is a cup of oats?how many table spoons? I always make too much. Pls help!



  7. stefano nutini

    I became so thrilled to take the diet plan “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it). My eating habits and also my frequency of several workout routines wasn`t altered and also change. Over a period of a month, I shed around 6 pounds. Making use of this method, I did observe that I ate less and filled up faster. .

  8. RachealCheech

    Hey! I love your videos, I just have a question. Is sliced banana good on wheat toast good for weight loss?

  9. 西施小狗Ling Ling

    weet a bix bitch

  10. Tutty1999

    I dont think you're the faceless girl in the jeans in this video. Stop lying to your audience girl! 🙄

  11. Christian Bengtsson

    What? Was this breakfast or desert? Look… how to loos weight.
    Get up – Black Coffey – Power Walk 45min – then Oat Meal Porridge (water and oat meal) cinnamon Thats it!!!

  12. Wewaboo grande

    I see only women commenting on this, so I take it that it's not meant for men?

  13. Arooba Hussain

    I love this one…..its a life changing breakfast for me…..God bless you!

  14. Kpop fan? No. Kpop air conditioning

    Really good but don’t worry ur the milk

  15. L Wiggins

    Looks good 😚

  16. Liz :D

    Na, too much calories damn it

  17. Michael Petersen

    is that cocoa powder the same powder you use to make hot chocolate…???

  18. sorryionlyspeakbroke

    you can also prepar eit the night before and put it in the fridge to save time in the morning

  19. Lani Lu Demers

    What would happen if you made it and shaped it into a cookie and baked it…do you think that would taste good?

  20. Zoe Hannah

    Unusual? 🤔


    And why I love it is because it's chocolaty😋

  22. hallmonitor98

    why not boil the water with coacao powder

  23. Silvia Fornaciari

    can i just cook it, put it in the fridge, and eat it the next morning adding the topping?

  24. Rosy Thorn

    So nice to see a Saffa YouTuber xx

  25. Ella Moolman

    Everyone is asking why it’s unusual. It’s not unusual to have chocolate oatmeal but for losing weight it is unusual

  26. Manhal Alnajar

    penis is sugar free 4u

  27. mialitty

    You could eat a lot of these and still get fat ya know. For example, salads. Salads are healthy but it's the toppings you put that makes it unhealthy. Even a cheeseburger is healthier.

  28. Rachel M

    It has everything to put on weight 🤦🏼‍♀️ chocolate for losing weight?

  29. Clint Lumagbas

    Hi i like this vedio and also the. Girl who make this recipe but can you send me please the exact ingredients

  30. Alberto Anzanello

    Half a cup….how many grams are?

  31. Artworld 21

    What can I add instead of coconut oil ???

  32. Richard

    I like to use stevia as a truly healthy sweetener.

  33. Caribbean Paradise

    thank you for this recipe…I'm in the process of making it now will let u know how it turns out. I have now started my weight loss journey …my goal is also to lose 40lb.

  34. r213

    whats the reason for the dislikes?

  35. Sophie

    Helloooo clickbait 😒

  36. hangman9394

    Great Video, Looks tasty

  37. Stupid Whore

    Is it okay if I only eat dinner?

  38. ROBLOX Cookie

    Thx for sharing the recipe so we can use it

  39. Begum Tanriyasukur

    Are you aware of that oatmeal has gluten in it?

  40. Guilt Free Feeds

    I find your talking at the start and end so cteepy

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