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  1. fay getten

    Keep your eyes on Jesus, never forget where He has taken you from to where you are now

  2. Donna Palmer

    Congratulations… God is in control

  3. Yasin Qur'an

    Wowatu fi yu mi beda!

  4. Philip Wallace


  5. Beverley Cox

    Wow!! Many Congratulations Andrew Jones – God has shown his light on his brightest Star. You are a Trojan!!

  6. Blair Boyd

    My cousin daughter just died from cancer, and she is just 43years old today would be her birthday. It is so sad of my cousin daughter who born, and grew up into my hands.
    I am no certified medical health researcher,but I know what ganja can do for people health.
    I remembered in 1977 I had a problem in my stomach, and I kept going to doctor and.
    All the treatment he was giving me wasn't helping me at all, and got 7 days vacation leave. So I went home and told my mother, she put on a pot with some green ganja and another bush named pickeny momma bush,it is also called dog blood and. From 1977 I never have that problem again, but with this cancer thing, I always drinking serosee and ganja to prevent cancer ,or any other sicknesses. But now a days nobody in Jamaica strongly believe that the bushes, or herbs as the Bible said.
    That Jehovah God created the herbs for the healing of the nation, but with these big pharmaceutical companies. They are killing off more people per year according to stats ,than what was killed by guns.

  7. Richard noble

    I'm inspired by your strength my brother.

  8. Blair Boyd

    I am really happy for your endeavourment accademenical as a cancer survivor patient, but with this cancer thing. It is so ironic that the socall cancer disease is killing off so many people,as of late .
    I strongly believe that it is created by the scientists, is what they put in the water,or food. I was born in 1950s ,and I cannot remembered any body during my time growing up .Really died from cancer although you are going hear some people, is going to say it was around a very long time, but the doctors didn't know what it is.
    There are several facts to substantiate that a lot of those diseases is created in the laboratory by those wicked scientists, most of those diseases. Was created for wars,and to robbed the poor people in general.
    Any countries in the world with lots of rich minerals, the richer countries them, they send people there as missionaries.To spread the diseases there to steal the poor people in general resources, by offering cures for the sickness.
    But they waited too long before they tried to offer any form of help, by the time they trying to used their antibiotics.
    It cannot cured the diseases at all, just like grew up in Jamaica. They gave up vaccine, to marked us as slaves. Is only we as black people in general have that vaccination on our arms,they used that to identify us as slaves.
    I just see on You Tube videos that there is a medical ship coming to Jamaica St Ann Ocho Rios,,from the United States offering free medical .Where people in general is warning people in Jamaica, that they should not participated in such a medical schemes.
    Because millions of people is living without any form of medical health treatment, so it is so ironic that.The government is not giving their people free medical treatments, because they have preventing millions of people from getting free medical.
    So why all of a sudden you want to give Jamaica people free medical treatments, and you know it is not real. It is the responsibility for the government of Jamaica to stop those people from entering the country, if the government failed to stop those people. Anything that happened to the people of Jamaica, the government should be holds responsible for it.

  9. endurable man

    To God be the glory my brother.. he is a healer

  10. Sophia Maria

    You are here for a reason. You are such an articulate and intelligent young man. May God continue to bless you🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  11. Travise Palmer

    Thank god he made it through his phase Hope the government treat him good and don't let him leave go overseas then leave us with doctors who don't understand us nor us understand them

  12. Lucianna Dean

    Congratulations you made it. They that wait upon the lord shall renew their Strength and shall mount upon wings like an Eagle.Be strong in the Lord lean not on your own understanding. God his a Healer trust him. I am happy for you and wish you well going forward.🙏🙏🙏🙏

  13. Sindy Bea C

    Blessings to you, God is awesome, He's miraculous and he's allmighty.Oh Lord we praise you and we worship you Amen.

  14. Lorenzo Stewart

    Life is yours brother live it..do greatness

  15. groovy yaz

    Wow..phenominal..To God be the glory great things He has done..May God's grace rest and abide with you and yours as long as you live.

  16. Grace Abel

    Wow…To God be the GLORY…determination and perseverance..with God's help amidst the odds has brought you this far my brother …. he's able to keep you….you are such an inspiration…….it's not over until GOD says it is….BLESSINGS TO YOU

  17. d j

    Very inspiring life bredda

  18. tamacene witter

    Thank god u fight it an come through with the help of God so proud of u son

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